Too Short For Bickers

The PAP had taught me well. Reciprocate their voters and ignore the dissidents. However badly citizens and bloggers spoke against that, we couldn't deny that most of us deal with our lives exactly the same way. You would rather focus on spending your time, resources or love on people who appreciates it than others who hate you for what you are.

The ol bro KK reminded me of this during our trip to JB on Monday, where I failed to get a dental appointment because they were all fully booked. He shared with me the other old buddy regularly sent him text messages whenever he knocked off earlier than norm from work, because he could. He couldn't fathom the logic behind such an act and concluded that it was to create envy. I told KK I would never let him know I knock off at work at 1530hrs again and will consider closing this blog permanently in order to prevent people who misread messages in the texts and create negative thoughts of out nothing. He laughed and ordered another round of Teh Halia. I'll miss the big guy when I return for sure.

We were very different individuals and we knew it but our friendship survived because we focussed on what we collectively like and respect our differences, one example being us a lifelong Man Utd FC fan and a Liverpool FC supporter on each side. When we got together on very rare occasions these days, we rather do what we love together than to bicker on meaningless things we disagree with. That was what got us to JB together on a Monday morning. Many of us Singaporeans make a face at the suggestion of a JB trip. Not us of course and a safe trip after another together just got better each time.

The elder sister whom I spent decades bickering with told me to use her computer whenever I wanted it because "I have to blog". I was surprised to hear that even though I showed no emotion as usual. Instead of being frustrated having to put up with the inconveniences of my presence in the house, she extended her kindness. Not bad for a pair of brother and sister whom my mother once described as having born of stars that clashes. I wouldn't use the computer when sis was in anyway. I could never blog properly in anyone's presence. Or should I say, I write worse than it already is when someone is prancing around me.

Much as I love to, I will like to make peace with everyone I can. If only I have that time, I will even make my way back to NParks to talk cock with my ex-colleagues, pat the huffy stray cat I chased after for inciting a fight with my dog when he was still alive, investigate if the atrocities done by KK hospital on me was actually a misunderstanding or if Shitty Times was not shit as everyone thought. Like they asked, if you have only 1 week to live, would you spend it with people who love you, or hate you?

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  1. I week? Video game marathon bunking at my buddy's room + sign his mum up for a week of good home made food :)