Decision for Little Albany

When I showed my workshop colleague my finishing move during the deadly face-off with Albany in a wrestling match, he exclaimed, "Wow, you were lucky not to break your back!"

No, not only I didn't aggravate my back injury last Saturday, I scored a resounding victory over my nemesis who had kept a clean winning streak over me for the past year. This would mark her first defeat, a memorable moment that should be recorded in the Hall of Fame.

"Times are bad, why don't you send her to childcare and get your wife to work?" the same fella remarked, eyeing the same clothes I had been wearing to work for the past year.

I had been conveniently shelving the idea because Albany was only a baby back then but she is a toddler now. I don't think most of my concerns are anything new to parents who went there before. Over here, the kind of maid system we have in Singapore is uncommon because that will be extremely expensive. I'm glad that isn't an option because I believe I wouldn't enjoy the presence of non-kin living under the same roof. If I like living with random people, having my meals cooked and ready for me in time, I would have signed on as a infantry regular.

I would like her to be taken care by Jen but at the same time Albany needs to start socializing. I wouldn't want to deprive her the socializing skills that I lack. From my observations, she should do much better than her dad in this aspect so I shouldn't be holding her back. I don't need Jen to work. She can stop working as long as she wants to. We are not well-off. No doubt, more money is good but I don't see the point of living life working for money. It's enough that one of us are going through that already. If Jen is to work, cash should be the by-product of a passion. Hopefully one day both of us can enter that realm, be it individually or together. 

Perhaps I should conduct a "Family Conversation" to discuss about this but I have been too lazy to come up with pre-planned scripts and stuff. So personalized chats with the wife tonight should be sufficient.


  1. Hi Nix,
    As a mother who has stayed home to look after her own girls and only worked part time to supplement income, I cannot agree more with your idea about having Jen look after Albany full time., I have encountered so many children who are maladjusted because their parents were never here for them.The close bond with your child can never be bought with money.It really pays to have mum stay home to look after Albany, and be a witness the milestones she'll go through.

  2. y not send albany home to SG for 1 year? at that time albany is ready for school too.

    Full time at child care is a bad idea. but 1-2 times a week shud be ok. Jen just need to find those places where she can work 7 days every 2 weeks.

    but just Jen n albany is bad idea too IMO. seen a few cases recently. anyway, u will fig sth out. hope u r still well n kicking