Election Posters. OZ vs SG

The below pics were put up at the Facebook page of the Maritime Union of Australia - Sydney branch. The Australian Election is coming. That's why we see these stuff everywhere from the streets to social media. But hey, I realised they actually brings a message in each one. Doesn't matter whether or not they are truths. Who really knows? The point is these stuff people come out with actually carry a point, or a few points, whereas the nice stuff Singaporeans came out with tells apathetic voters, who wanted some inspirations to decide who to vote for, very little.

Don't get me wrong. Those are very good creative art work done by our brothers and sisters. It's fun looking at them and they grab your attention, especially when some guy put some boobs on Nicole Seah. Well anyway, have a look and think about it.  



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  1. Hi ASingaporeanSon,

    This post certainly gives another perspective how things can be better done.

    Even basics like posters.

    The quality of the posters in graphics and words possibly speaks volume of the good and bad of what a system stands for and its outward manifestations.

    Nothing is perfect in this world.

    But if by the posters and the posters alone, the answer may be obvious what kind of system is the preferred choice.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing many great posts all this while.

    Best regards,