$1 a Week Rental in Australia

A tip off by our friend J, who has never been forgotten. It is about a $1 per week rental program.

If I couldn't find a job during my earlier days in Perth and I happened to know the existence of such a project, I would have likely to move deep into the regional areas with my baby. Since I have no income, it makes little financial sense to keep paying hundreds in rental every week bite fingers as savings dwindle.

So moving to a house under the $1 a week rental program will suit me fine. This is how they describe the program

There are different farmhouses available around Australia for rent at $1 a week. Some farmhouses need renovating in exchange for low rent, some farmhouses need a caretaker to look after the farm, some farmhouses need children to help save the local school bus run, some farmhouses need skilled labour to help during busy harvest and some farmhouses need all the above. Depending on your skills and motivation, everyone is welcome to apply. [link]

This program is started in bid to save some of the dying towns around Australia due to negative growth in population. So this is not strictly a labour-for-accommodation exchange. While some house owner only expect you to renovate his house while staying in it for your $1 rental, some towns might only require you to send your children to the local school to keep the school and the school buses services running. There are options available to your skills and motivations and deals are expected to be highly flexible and negotiable. If I were to consider taking it up, I will check with the representative if there are jobs available that I can take up outside my basic scope of responsibilities so that I can even save some money while I'm there. No matter what, I'm sure my family will not starve to death in an environment where I may be expected to maintain a farm.

Living conditions may not be anything that common Singaporeans have experienced. As such, we call it these conditions "harsh" or "bad", we'll have basically nothing good to say about it. I beg to disagree. This form of living isn't bad. It is just different. Whatever that we may be deprive off in these environment, such as convenience or comfort, will be compensate in another form that we cannot even fathom because we have yet to experience. Life in a farm is not a bed of rose but it isn't as difficult as we think too. However, it takes time for realisation to materialise but Singaporeans rarely have the patience to wait. With only a fixed set of reality in our minds, nowhere else in the world will be good enough. Of course, that is the biggest lie a man can convince himself to believe.

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