Being a Migration Agent

"Why don't you become a migration agent?"

I have been asked this question countless times. It seems logical for them. Since I am already answering questions posed by Singaporeans about migration issues, is that not a good idea to start a career out of it? After all, according to these folks, I already have a "customer base."


Singaporeans. Since all we think of it money, isn't it also logical for the so call customer base to magically disappear after I declare I am charging a fee for my services? These write ins are just Singaporeans who are unwilling to pay a dime to a migration agent and hope they can get away with it. In other words, cheapos. While most Singaporeans will find this term derogatory, I don't. I would have done the same thing myself if there was any blogger guy living in Australia who may be able to answer some of my queries when I was searching for answers back then. Cheapo, whatever. Besides, being cheapo is a strong survival trait, desirable for any Singaporean soul who are brave enough to step out of the well. A cheapo is likely to drop his or her materialistic tendencies widely bred in Singapore. That can only be a good thing. You should be proud being called a cheapo.

Besides, it is fun to give advice without responsibilities. Perhaps the most ideal situation is to talk shit and get paid for it, just like what Sumiko Tan has been doing for decades. Not everyone though, has the devil's luck. So I have to be contented answering queries for free. Since free advice is dangerous, I have the privilege of bullshitting my way through without being taken to task, such as recommending Melbourne as the best choice of destination where obviously Sydney is where Singaporeans will feel at home. Perth of course, is a shithouse, the 19th level of Hell in fact, where you get tortured for eternity with boredom. I tell the truth once in a while, you better believe it.

Furthermore I tend to have the habit of drifting away from the blog, distracted by writing in another blog or playing online games elsewhere. If I am a migration agent, I would not be able to do so. I want to go my type of MIA without worrying about putting a dent in my business reputation.

Then I would have to write a list of articles related to migration with subtle hints all over the place about why it is good to let a migration agent take care of your migration toils. And why I should be that agent. I rather close down the blog if I have to do this. I will never enjoy blogging here again.

Who will hire a chaotic neutral, muddle headed bo chap guy as their migration agent anyway? I am surprised that anyone still ask me to consider being one.


  1. Being cheapo is one thing. Being lazy or lacking the initiative to do basic fact finding on Mr Google is another.

    You are not helping the latter group at all, because if and when they successfully move, they will find out that their new country does not provide spoon-feeding. They will not assimilate well and will have to return an unhappy lot.

  2. Yes, continue to keep people away from Perth.

  3. Migration agents for Australia, unless one is going for a Business Investor Visa, have little value add other than to re-affirm what you have read online.