Faces of Fatuity

The most frightening thing about this was that when I sent this screenshot to my friend, a Singaporean mother, her reply was, "Hmm, I will take note!"

That was a painful reply I least expected from her.

Any wonder why the average Singaporean kid is stressed out flat from unnecessary pressure from paranoid parents? During my days, we were lucky enough to have cool parents that didn't label us as potential murderers after we turned our sisters' dolls into helicopters by spinning them by their hair. Back then, it was probably a relief for a father that his boy played with dolls, unknowingly paying special attention to their boobs. At least he also showed interests in girls rather than fondling a half-naked He-Man all the time. These days, boys playing with dolls must be alarming for our supposedly well educated litter of parents, with all these LGBT paranoia going on.

Paranoia is really the nicest word I can use to describe people who think toy planes, cars and trains are supposed to be "boys' toys." 

So girls are supposed to ride on rainbow ponies instead of a good 'ol plastic truck? How about fighting? How are young girls suppose to fight with their brothers when the time calls for it?  By using their supersonic toy kitchen ladle against their brothers' lightsabre? What do these young girls do later in life when men tell them to get back to the kitchen. They call men sexist and whip them with their feminazi crap. Whose fault was that? Jason Sim and his "We are against Pinkdot" crapshit group. Girls are supposed to play with rainbow ponies, dolls, make up and kitchenettes you know? Why would feminist groups insist it should be any different after they grow up then? These self righteous groups should just fight, burn and kill themselves. That will make the world a better place.

You know what Singaporean parents ought to take note about brainwashing instead? About how their children are being taught that a certain group of people is incorruptible and how they should worship these heroes of the nation for which everything they have is bestowed by these demi-gods. About the news and newspaper always tell the truth. About how 5Cs measures the worth of their lives. About how meritocracy and aristocracy can be interchangeable whenever it fits. There are a lot more to worry about while mankind is on the verge to discover alien life while cultists are still calling out for homosexuals to be condemned to the deepest crevice of hell.


  1. PAP to win 65%+.

    Aljunied may be lost by the thinnest margin; Marine Parade may be won by the thinnest margin.

    I don't know what to say will take MacPherson.

    Because I know Sinkies best. That's why I left.

  2. I will assume that the mother was too busy to think for a appropriate reply.

    But if she meant what she said, then yes i agree with you that mother needs to be brain washed!