Blogging Causes Cancer

I stopped blogging from god knows when I felt there because there seemed nothing else worthy to share. If there is nothing I can contribute, be it in some form of experience that others can refer to or fresh perspectives that shift mindsets, there isn't a point to add noise to the heavily polluted online world of today.

This isn't about migration. I do apologise for folks coming to this blog to seek a way into Australia. I understand it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain access into the country. There is a great immigration history behind Australia and the country has not closed the door to migrants but immigration guidelines are being refined each year to ensure Australia gets a good share of quality migrants as much as possible. As a result, it is tougher to get in by the year and the government of Australia makes no apologies about it. That also meant I have lost track of the latest guidelines, effectively rendering the blog useless as a technical guide regarding migration application. I foresee only two possible scenarios to restore the blog to its former glory, as far as migratory advice is concerned;

1) I read up about the latest migration rules and spoon feed wannabes like I did before. This scenario is highly unlikely to happen unless I attain the same level of boredom as I did when I first tried that.

2) I go through a course and become a migration agent. Then it becomes my business to recite migration details to impress you. For those who knows me, they know that's no chance in hell it'll happen.

There. So you know you're at the wrong place if you are looking for migration information. A year too late, buddy.

I pray you do not get cancer in the future. But if you do, remember this blog and come back to read it. You may benefit from my experience the way some did when I bared my heart to share my entire migration adventure from Day 1. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer three weeks or so ago. And I plan to share it with the same intention I had - to share the world of cancer according to my mind and heart. Hopefully, no one reading this needs the information. Thus hopefully, no one reads this anymore. For the unfortunate ones though, let's hope my experience helps in some way if I do well or serve as a warning, as a bad example of dealing with the condition should I not survive the battle against cancer.

There are so many misconceptions about cancer. I am still figuring out the facts from the myths. One thing for sure, it is a mysterious condition. After decades perhaps centuries of medical research, doctors could not confirm the causes of cancer. Neither could they come out with a effective cure. As a result, there are so many school of thoughts on dealing with the condition. As raw information funnels into a new cancer patient, it can be overwhelming.

As much as it is difficult to point out the type of diet, exercises and lifestyle that may help suppress or even cure cancer, it is probably harder to figure out the cause of cancer. As we know, it may be wise to address the problem at its source instead of probing around the nooks that doesn't quite matter.

As far as my case is concerned, it is almost impossible to identify the cause. It may be convenient to point the finger on my sudden move from Singapore to Perth, especially the toughest 8 months of my life working night shift in an unforgiving polluted environment and coping with a newborn baby in the middle of this period. It is however, not that simple. There were far more to it than that, as I sat down one day to reflect. It could very well be traced back as far as my final few years in Singapore. It might very well be a combination of factors. A perfect storm. 

Like I said, it seems to easy to point a finger at something I did or didn't for my condition. That's pointless to do for now. It's as silly as saying I got cancer because I blog.  After all, before I began blogging, I didn't have cancer. Ok this may be exaggeration but that is the kind of wild throw that I have to deal with from people. If we wish to bring ridiculous to a new level, why don't we say I have gotten cancer because I stopped blogging.

And so here's the cure. Blog away.

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