Creaks and Shit

I have to agree that no matter where we start, the more we write the better we get and vice versa. I feel rusty. I am rusty. Not that I was any good to begin with but you know, I feel worse now. Every now and then, I was asked to continue writing stuff by a couple of friends and a couple of strangers from the internet. Not once, I obliged. In fact, I didn't even take a look at this blog for months - a far cry from the days of blogging almost every single day over 400 over days consecutively. I didn't even reply a single email sent to though I read every single of them. To me, a decision to stop is a decision to stop. I have always been clean when it comes to these. It's all or nothing, that's how I live my life.

Yan Chun deserves a post. It will be criminal to deny her one. She have been tagging me in facebook calling me her favourite blogger for too many times, for too long. I never could tell if it was a joke, sarcasm, tease or an unlikely fact. No matter. Yan Chun was probably patient enough to coax Axl Rose  to do a gig with Slash, if you know what I mean. At the same day, Gintai - my old blog buddy in Singapore - reappeared in my whatsapp window since ages to check if I died like feedmetothefish.

"Not yet bro, but I've cancer," something along that line, was my reply.

*expected pause*

*expected big reactions*

Gintai. When I return to Singapore for a visit, I wouldn't miss having an one-on-one chat with this man. 

"Create a blog and let us communicate with you," Gintai insisted.

I promised him I would. Unfortunately, not quite fulfilling the promise to a T. I do not have the energies to create another blog. So yeah, I'm still writing stuff here. No. I don't want to communicate with my friends via blog comments anymore. My friends will find a way to reach me if they needed to. Like Lanley, who did exactly that without a clue how and where.

Back to Yan Chun. Seriously babe? Favourite blogger? We're talking about a blogger who doesn't even bother to edit any of his shitty grammar and spelling mistakes in his post. I like your sense of humor. Hope to catch you in Singapore too.

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