The suggestions:
  • Go to Singapore to get treated by world class specialist, come back to Perth and continue life.
  • As above, except for staying in Singapore for good, with parents helping out on Albany so Jen can return to the workforce.
  • Stay in Perth to get treated.

The dilemmas. In order to get well, these are generally recommended:
  • Family support
  • Good recovery environment
  • Keeping the mind settled and a happy mood at all times
  • Proper diet
  • Adequate rest at right timing
  • Good medical treatment

Let's calm down and think with the mind. We need to do that now. Knee jerk reactions by going with the emotions of the heart are not going to help matters. First, we need to understand cancer. There are so many misconceptions about the illness. That is why we need to know as much as we can, so as to make the most rational and practical decision for ourselves.

Unfortunately, cancer is not simply a 'cut-it-off-and-bye-bye', or 'drown-me-in-chemo-juice-and-bling-bling' or 'zap-zap-the-naughty-cells-and-die!-die!-die!' process. There is a lot of close monitoring and follow ups involved after whatever treatment that I have to undergo. It can end up in years, or even a lifetime of follow ups. No doctor in the world can guarantee one perfect treatment will see my problem gone from my life once and for all. With that in mind, getting treatment in Singapore and coming back is totally out of my consideration. Do I fly back each time for a follow up scan? First, it is not financially viable. Second, it is very disruptive to my life and work (yes, I still need to work) How about doing the surgery in Singapore and the follow ups in Perth? 

Would you complicate your case, risk miscommunication or misinterpretations if you were in my shoes? You will never be able to put yourself in my shoes because you don't have cancer. We can always imagine how a bungee jumper feels doing his jump, perhaps even vividly, in our minds but it will never be the same until you make that jump yourself. My answer to my question: I wouldn't.

2 options remained. 1) Go back for good. 2) Stay here.

Family support : Singapore vs Perth

No doubt. Getting everyone around and wrapping me in cotton wool feels good. I love my family and I strongly believe having them around helps in my case. The dynamics of going back to Singapore can be quite disruptive. It was already a little nightmare moving from Gosnells to where I am a couple of weeks ago. At the moment, I couldn't imagine making arrangements, booking tickets, packing (again? fuck no!), saying goodbye to my boss and colleagues without giving notice and land in Singapore with little money, no jobs for both of us, a fast growing active little girl who couldn't sleep a night well in Summer due to the heat and the bonus, cancer cells in my body.

With treatment happening in Perth in 3 days' time. I reckoned there isn't a possibility going under the knife of a world class surgeon in Singapore within that time frame without spending a lot of money - which I don't have. As much as I love to have my family around me for support, it is technically very inappropriate at the moment. The last thing I wanted now is instability. I needed a huge chunk of the peace of mind now and focus on listening to my body and work with it to battle the time bomb within me.

With Albany delighting me with her overflowing cute antics and generous kisses (yes, she learnt how to kiss me on the face, with the sound effect no less) each evening after work, my worries melts away. She gives me hope, strength and she doesn't nags. She is my key healer.

Good recovery environment: Singapore vs Perth

Air. Enough said.

Keeping the mind settled and a happy mood at all times: Singapore vs Perth

I've written 126 blog posts on Singapore and finally attained enlightenment, being able to let go and look forward. "What do you think?"

Proper diet: Singapore vs Perth

It is a close call between "There is no freshness like Coles" and "Cold storage, the fresh food people". I have received a lot of useful information by my impromptu dietrician, V, so I think I should be in good hands in Perth.

Adequate rest at right timing: Singapore vs Perth

Previous Job in Singapore: 
  • 8am - 6pm, 6 days full week 
  • Over minimum 10 hours unpaid overtime per week. 
  • Reaches home at 8pm earliest
  • Commuting takes average of 1 hour per trip, 2 hours in total.

Current job in Perth: 
  • 7am - 3.30pm, 5 days week. 
  • Knocks off on the dot everyday. 
  • Occasional overtime is payable. 
  • Reaches home by 4.30pm
  • Commuting is maximum 30 minutes each direction, 1 hour in total.

I cannot remember the last time I slept before 12 midnight in Singapore. In Perth, I am hitting the sack at 10pm recently, not later than 11pm. I am a very light sleeper who wakes at a minimal amount of noise and light. I find myself sleeping better in Perth. No comparison.

Good medical treatment: Singapore vs Perth

The jury is always out. My personal experience [link] however, left me very little faith in the Singapore medical system. I believe a part of healing is attributed to faith. Thus with broken faith, I seriously doubt I would be doing very well in Singapore.


A unanimous nod to Perth. 

Wish me luck.

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