Coming to Terms

Take care of yourselves my friends. Think you wouldn't get cancer? Take me, not join me, as the lesson.

Some facts about bladder cancer from the internet

Smoking is the greatest risk factor. Smokers get bladder cancer twice as often as people who do not smoke.

I don't smoke.

Chemical Exposure: Some chemicals used in the making of dye have been linked to bladder cancer. People who work with chemicals called aromatic amines may have a higher risk. These chemicals are used in making rubber, leather, printing materials, textiles, and paint products.

I was not exposed to chemicals

The risk for bladder cancer increases with age. Over 80 percent of people with bladder cancer are over age 65.

I am under 65.

Caucasians are twice as likely to develop bladder cancer as African-Americans and Hispanics. Asians have the lowest bladder cancer rates.

I am Asian.

Individuals with family members who have had bladder cancer are more likely to develop the disease. 

No family members had this disease.

Individuals who have previously had bladder cancer have an increased risk of developing the disease again.

I didn't used to. Now I do.

Chronic bladder infections or bladder stones may be linked to certain types of bladder cancer.

I was infected but not treated after I visited the doctor. Lesson here: You only need to screw one once.


Bladder cancer has a recurrence rate of 50-80% and because it requires life-long surveillance, it is the most expensive cancer to treat on a per patient basis. It is estimated that approximately $2.9 billion is spent in the United States each year on the treatment of bladder cancer.

As we can see, I am on the wrong end of statistics. With a 50-80% recurrence rate, it doesn't sound very positive for any cancer patients who yearn for a normal life after treatment. Hard as it is to accept, I may be fighting cancer for the rest of my life. For some, the thought of that is enough to kill.

My friend sent me a blog of her ex senior in school who shared his accounts of his fight with Leukemia. It has no updates anymore because he lost the fight. For some reason, it seems that bloggers tend to lose their fights with their illnesses. Each one probably hope he or she will not add to the statistics. I must admit I received a fair share of emails from friends and strangers telling me they are keeping me in their prayers. It will be quite a disappointment to religious people if their prayers don't work as they cannot use the reason that, "God took him at his side," because I know very well I am going straight to hell as a free thinker to be tortured for eternity (as warned by a dear friend) So, I better survive as long as possible and die at a rather normal age, preferably not from cancer. That way, I can reciprocate to the nice folks who prayed for me and make them feel good that their prayers are answered.

It is interesting to know that the majority of prayers are going to Jesus Christ. I assumed it will always be, unless otherwise stated. My friend Gintai is the first one who sent a "Lord Buddha will watch over you," over. When I told him about that he simply replied, "Jesus is too busy, let Buddha do some work." Ha. I love that reply. I hope no one is offended by that. I grow up with a buddy as free thinker. We laugh at everyone but always ourselves first.

A dude even sent me a message telling me he will pray for me, though he doesn't know how it works because he is a free thinker. That sent me chuckling. Along the same lines, what I want to say is that though I don't know how prayers can help me, what I really appreciate are the kind thoughts of the people who reached out to touch me. That alone was enough for me to feel that the universe is backing me in whatever I am setting out to do. Thank you everyone, for the nice gestures. That will fuel me for the journey of my diverted path of life.

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