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The millions of cancer cells can that formed the tumor in my bladder were burnt to death last afternoon. They were once part of the billions that formed me. They were a small part of me, which functioned and contributed to the physical shell of my soul.

These cells were expected to divide and die, divide and die just like every other cell. But everyday, cells turns defiant and does not comply to the rules of dying after division. Everyday in a healthy body, these long lived cells are killed by other normal cells. We call these fighting cells the immunity system.

There comes a time where health of a cancer patient like me deteriorates to a level when the immunity system no longer fights the rebellious cells as before, allowing these cancer cells to multiply, sometimes slowly and sometimes rapidly, until they become disruptive to the normal functions of the body.

Removing cancer is a start not the end. For the reason why a camcer tumor is formed in the first place is poor health. Ignoring that, cancer will return, and return like a deadly summer fly.

Cancer cells are not bad. They are simply nature, doing their jobs. Think of them as phelgm. Nobody likes it but its presence tells you something is wrong and you need to act. Be it giving yourself rest, nutrition or water.

To put it in perspective, people like me are probably regarded as cancer by our government. We are bad publicity to the flawless image of our beloved country. We do not function as normal citizens, work, procreate and die. We question the policies of the government, they call that complaining. They can't wait to see us leave. Good riddance to bad cancer.

However they fail to see the reasons why people like us change from good abiding citizens to cancer. We may be forced to leave, replaced by new cells but cancer will keep forming until the system, plagued with illness, is addressed with the right cures.

There lying on this hospital bed with needles and wounds, I pray for the recovery of my health, as well as my beloved homeland, Singapore.

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