Coming to Australia Unqualified

Hi Singaporean Son,

I love the articles that you wrote candidly with regards to Perth as your home. It rekindles my motivation to want to move out of Singapore.

I have been looking out to move to NZ or OZ but have fell short of the criteria for entry due to difference in skillsets and experience (I am in sales) required by the immigration.

I am writing to you to seek your advice and experience about how Singaporeans moved over successfully without the necessary qualifications or working experience or skill sets.

Any enlightenment experiences would be great appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Hi R,

Please study the following;


Young punk: below 30 years old
Slave: 30-45 years old
Old fart: above 45 years old

These are the 'sure bet' official channels. There are exception cases that falls outside my categorization. However they are very low in numbers, i.e. professionals with very special skillsets. The rest of the methods are basically buying a lottery ticket. Eg. An unqualified slave studying a course that gets him qualified but fall short of the required points upon graduation to meet the required points (you lose a lot of points by being too old). The only hope is getting an employer to sponsor a working visa, which may or may not lead to qualification for PR eventually. There is a lot of luck involved. With Australia currently undergoing recession, luck is on short supply here.


  1. Sinkees are really getting stupider.

    Political asylum.

  2. This old fart (ie yours truly) is still a slave. How?