Doomsaying Friday

Wrestling the Internet away from civil servants in the name of security, outlawing the people for voicing opinions that reeks of the burning of books in ancient times, installing thousands of survilence cameras and a GPS monitoring sytem. With propaganda towers, "national education" and an impermeable network of cronies stoutly set up over the years, are these really necessary? With almost no channel of peaceful protest left for the people, why would you be surprised to hear someone declaring, "People support CPF cuts because there are no protests outside the parliament (which was made illegal)." Perhaps some people cannot sleep well at night after all, living a cursed life of insecurities, too cowardly to step up a ring without having the opponent's hands cuffed first.

Tough times breed strong people. Strong people make good times. Good times breed weak people. Weak people make tough times. No dynasty can deviate far from this lifecycle. We had our tough times and we had a group of good people who slogged to bring on the good times. Here we are at the 3rd stage of the life cycle. The signs are everywhere. A weak leader who has created a system of aristocracy and injustice for the commoners. A band of weak lieutenants hiding behind their aegis of inaccountability. A cancer of cronies. The strong bullying the weak with law. The sharp increase in youth suicides. The elites taxing everyone but themselves through creative taxation. A population without the ability to see beyond the cloak of materialism. 

How long this stage will last is anyone's guess. It can take decades or happen overnight to a scandal big enough to take us down. For now, we have the money to burn as firewood, as the weak breeds and dance around the campfire. The population ponzi is fueling our coffers. It should cover gaps for another good two decades. However, the times where the elites start to craft policies without the welfare of the people in their minds are already upon us. Things will go on an inevitable downward projectile from here.


There may be some aspects of a quitter that many do not know about. A quitter is either a grower or a builder. Both recognises the resources and conditions he needs to grow or build. A peasant finds a plot of land in a faraway place to grow more pots of gold, quietly in solitude while his old pals laugh at his foolishness. Another peasant builds his tiny empire, striving to conquer the three properties he attains before turning 40, fully owning them in his lifetime he plans to try.

A grower and builder knows the third stage is not a stage to stay to fight. When all forms of non-violent resistance is eventually removed, it'll leave violent revolution the only option left. If a leader is not wise enough to understand this, the 4th stage forthcoming is inevitable. When tough times eventually come, the builders and growers will return. New ones will pop up like mushrooms, emulating them, building strength yet again.

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  1. George Washington was a quitter descendant. Many great guys were like him.