The Arrival of Tucky

My Buddy of 25 years is coming over tomorrow to spent a week with me. Damn, how quick time passes. We were talking about it weeks ago and now I'll have an evening to prepare for his arrival after I knock off from work later in the day. Then I'll see him at the airport after work on the next day. It'll be nice to see him again. Apparently he is ditching SG51 for B25.

The first time we went on a trip together was actually a few months before I left Singapore in 2011. He told me, "Hey, if we don't do this, we'll never know when we can." So we did. We made a short trip to HK, albeit with a slight heavy heart on my side upon hearing his words. It would have been great to have some of my old friends in Australia. With the kind of lifestyle we can have here, it will be awesome with the right company. Unfortunately, in a couple more years, none of my friends will be eligible to apply for the Australian PR due to points lost through the age category. Not that I really harbored any illusions any of them will come my way though. At an early stage, I had already resigned to the fact I will be physically apart with family and friends for a very long time. The weaker friendships will naturally come to nought as well. I also know (before I came here) that I will never be able to forge friendships like that with new friends here. Not the way we went through fire and ice. It is just one of the things any migrant will have to be resigned to, sad to say.

During B20, I almost promised him I will go on another trip with him on B25. Fortunately I didn't or I would have to break that one. He is making it easy for me by visiting me this time. So I have to travel with him, by hook or by crook. It will not be easy this time round. We were free spirits. Now he is bringing along his wife and I will have to bring mine and 2 young kids with me. Beats me how it will turn out eventually. My initial hope to take them to the little town of Albany was downplayed. I will attempt the less ambitious trip down to Margaret River instead, doing the tourist thing with Tucky and wife. He hasn't been there, so he may find it fresh and nice.

Be it in Australia or Singapore, I don't have many friends. So this one counts big. I found myself fussing over the planning of his days here, only to find this isn't one of the things I am good at. I'll just have to tell him in the very me way, "Hey, this is what I have got." Much of the pressure comes from the hope that the trip leaves an impression nice enough for future returns. You can't blame me for being silly. With a family of four now, I cannot be flying back to Singapore as and when I like. I have to remind you, this is not what a pissed poor peasant does. However, since Perth is 'boring' and offers little competition to other countries, most Singaporeans will take the better buck elsewhere.

Worry not about the future. We'll smash this one first.

I told Tucky despite visiting Margaret River a few times, I have never seen the fucking river. He told me we should go find it. So we shall.

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