How Not to go Hungry on Your Birthday

Another important chapter extracted from the Pissed Poor Peasant's guide to the life. Today we'll learn how not to go hungry on our birthdays in Perth.

To many out there, birthday is a big deal. Apparently, it is a special day that they think they are entitled special privileges just because they are born on that particular day some years ago. I don't think that way. Hunger doesn't recognises birthdays. The same goes for illnesses, fucked up drivers and death. When they come, they come. Birthdays also no give face.

Fortunately this time, the world generally doesn't agree with me. In this case, businesses are willing to curry favour with you on the pretext they want to celebrate your birthdays with you, by giving you goodies in return for the goodwill of future business you may do with them. We will be focusing on food, because there is nothing more important than fulfilling the base of the needs pyramid when it comes to being a real Pissed Poor Peasant in Perth. The general strategy is to claim food from nice FnB joints that allows you to do it only your birthday. Then later claim from the others who are willing to let you claim on your birth week, birth month or a few days close to the actual date. +- 1 or 2. Sounds pathetic I know but when that's what you get when you put a kiasu Singaporean and a hungry peasant together.

To cut the shit short, here are some vendors that offers to curb your hunger pangs.

Jester's - Free pie on your birthday. Small one that I can gobble in 2 bites of course.
Miss Maud - Kids under 12 eat for free on their birthday upon joining the Birthday Club.
Panchos - Eat for free on birthday
Baskin Robbins - Free scoop of ice cream valid up to 14 days after your birthday
Boost Juice - Free Boost Juice for Vibe club members (Valid from 2 days before thru 2 days after bday)
Cold Rock - 1 Free Ice Cream on birthday & $10 off Birthday Cake Voucher (must sign up at least 35 days before your birthday)
Gelatissimo - 1 Free gelato in the month of your birthday
IKEA - Free Princess Cake for IKEA Family members (valid for one month)
Jamaica Blue - Free slice of cake for birthday month (collect card in-store first)
Krispy Kreme - Free 6 Pack of Original Glazed Doughnuts
Muffin Break - Free Muffin in the month of your birthday (collect card in-store with a purchase first)
Mrs. Fields - Free cookie on your birthday (collect card in-store first)
Nando's - Free regular meal (regular classic meal includes Classic Burger, pita, wrap or a ¼ chicken or Classic Vegetarian burger or pita + regular side + regular drink) during your Bday month - redeem email which arrives on 1st (collect card in store or download the app) - Must have made transaction within previous 6 months (from 01/10/14)
Noodle Box - $10 loaded onto card no min spend (collect card in-store first)
Salsas - Free burrito from 2 days before to 2 days after birthday (collect card in store or download the app)
Red Rooster - A free meal to celebrate your birthday if you're with the free Red Royalty loyalty program. Expires 30 days after birthdate, and need to show ID at purchase time
San Churro - Free churros for two from 1 day before to 1 day after birthday
Shingle Inn - Free patty cake (i.e. cupcake) and coffee/tea in birthday month
Subway - Free 6-inch sub and 600mL drink/water valid for birthday and up to three days after
Sumo Salad - Free salad (Valid for 7 days from birthday) - collect card in-store first

If you have planned it properly, you would properly not go hungry for a week or two during your birth month. Ah, so that will leave us only 50 more weeks remaining to worry about in a year. Easy peasy.

*thank you Joni for the tips. I hereby give you the honorary membership to the Piss Poor Peasant clan.


  1. Soooo good! It can never happen in will go down if they give this kind of freebies...too many gian perng here

  2. Bro check your hardware zone pm