They Called It "The Nix Effect"

I love these buggers.

And how we got to know one another. 

Little do you know, there is a cynical Manc-supporting inverse mirror image of an asshole of me who have been living in New Zealand until recently, when he married himself to a Hong Kong babe and have been living in HK since, but not for long I guess. I knew Manc Asshole through the comment box of this blog. How he got here, I would never know. Perhaps he found something similar, based how his regular meticulous input of his intensive travels - Lonely Planet style. He was the one who took the nice pic above.

There you see the lovely lass Cindy, the spunky girl who contacted me a year after I moved to Australia. Though I have never met her, I have a rough idea what kind of personality Cindy has, from our conversations and the descriptions of the people who met her .... through my link ups. I wasn't a bit of surprise when Cindy told me one random day that she was offered a job in New Zealand. She was the kind of personality that could survive pretty much anywhere.

I couldn't remember the details but J the NZ traveler klutz, who lost his camera near the end, (but it was sent back to Singapore by a kind Kiwi) probably bumped into Cindy in NZ. His NZ recee didn't yield a job but he promised he would be back.

Though crazy Singaporean son MJ had set his mind on Australia, I have always relate him with the rest of the NZ folks, after he got to know J in Singapore. These folks have met up a few times, the most recent one in Singapore. They have something in common. Young and keen to venture overseas. If I remember correctly, MJ was only 27 when we met in Perth a few years ago. 

How things have changed since. Manc Asshole set up a group chat and named it "The Nix Effect", an obvious dig to my support for LFC. However, I noted the double meaning behind it, the group may not have exist if I did not blog. It was quite a beautiful concoction of fate among these young (aside from MA) people. I was happy to hear MJ have not give up his project despite selling his soul to a statutory board in Singapore. He claimed the time was ripe and he was almost ready to make his application. The same goes for J, but with addition members, a wife and a puipui son, going along soon. Let's hope he can keep his camera intact the next time round.

Together with Cecelia and her swimming instructor husband (not in picture) who must be kicking himself for moving to NZ now, (congratulations on your baby by the way) this is the NZ team that I know. They have always been giving me a morale boosting, positive vibe whenever I hear of their tales. They are spunky, vibrant and proud of what they want to do. No bullshit of those "Don't tell people about my migration plan crap." From time to time, it gives me small bouts of satisfaction that I have provided the initial small spark in their friendships. 

I wish you guys good travel.

Till I hear from you again.

- Grumpy fucker of Perth

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  1. Without you we all wouldn't have met! Nix rocks.