Blu: 2 Days Old

Blu @ Day 0
Blu @ Day 2

Observation in jest.

| | | ___  ___  | | | ___  ___ 
|   |/ ._>/ ._> |   |/ ._>/ ._>
|_|_|\___.\___. |_|_|\___.\___.

This is not my car. /note


  1. Wow. I am actually current with your posts.

  2. congrats on the nice car.i chanced upon your blog and have been following it daily looking for your updates. I was also in WA for a year plus but could not find a the end worked at a farm to survive.kid was 2 yo do had to find was tough and it's still tough to just leave behind parents n family support.

  3. I refer you to the austere ancient wisdom of Mencius, the Confucian scholar who advocated the "mandate of heaven" principle that an unjust Emperor could be overthrown.

    "Why talk of profit?" Mencius asks a ruler in his most famous work. If a king seeks profit (GDP growth anyone?) over humanity and duty, so will his lords and common people, he says. "Then everyone high and low will be scrambling for profit, and the nation will be in danger."

    For an old man who moans about Confucius values all the time, they don't walk their talk do they?

  4. got me there. i really thought u bought it.