The Emotions Prior to Departure

The conversations with her brought back vivid memories of my own. I thought it differs, determined by factors such as level of affluence or how well travelled or well prepared the person is.  Maybe I was wrong all along. No matter how different our background, profile or circumstances, when it comes to a point a person has to let go and leave, the emotions that overwhelm us were similar.

It isn't easy for anyone to resonate with this. Emotions are after all, a complex web of thoughts and feelings. Perhaps that was why occasionally I received emails from strangers telling me not to stop writing. Many of them are overseas Singaporeans, all over the world. Perhaps my notes jolted many memories of their very own, from the deep orifices of their mind, long forgotten. Or maybe, I've managed to describe remotely how they once felt but found themselves inept to express it in clarity.

It almost felt like an impending death. Nothing else really mattered. Not your job, not that promotion, your HDB dream house nor the car. The only thing left to do seem to be bidding people who you love goodbye. That wasn't death. There was an option to return. In fact, anytime, if required. There were many modes of communications these days, to stay connected, avenues to seek remembrance. If anything, that provided mere consolation but not solace. You couldn't pat your dog over skype, for one.

The last few days would be unforgettable. That was when she would doubt her decision which was already cast in stone. Turning back was easier said than done. Suddenly the initial reasons to move were mislaid and she wondered why she wanted to get out in the first place during the last few sobering days. The indignant unwillingness to give up the material comforts she took pains to accumulate and a lifetime of relationship ties, in exchange for nothing but an uncertain world of perceived promises, would be nerve shattering.


  1. Not just for foreign-based Singaporeans, locally-based Singaporeans like myself think you should not stop writing neither, because we love to read about the truths about Singapore that few people in Singapore dare to write about.

  2. Hi,

    First of all.. I have to say, your blog has given me more insight than the numerous sites I have visited regarding migration to Aussie especially Perth. You shouldn't stop. More truths are better than a lie from the mass media..

    Hope to see more advice on living in Australia..I am in the process of applying next week, I am in a dilemma between hiring the services of a Migration agent?Or doin it by myself..not too sure of the procedures...I intend to find an employment upon reachin there...not sure if I can obtain a PR whilst physically here...

  3. last day in singapore i just cant wait to board the plane!

    even cried of happiness :)