Moments of Magic

"Look Dad, no sweat."
Photo credits: Jenny

A firstborn makes one fall in love all over again. Different from romantic love but similar in many instances. Very often I found myself grinning idiotically to air during the long journey home. The thought of watching my baby's eyes light up at her first sight of her father sends a flutter. The cries that follow, with her little chubby outstretched arms, triggers my instincts each time. For the urge to act was irresistible, the feeling of being wanted, being important and meaning the world to somebody.

Like any forms of love, nothing lasts forever. Parenthood comes in phases. There will be a day my child will not hug me tightly for comfort anymore. We never take things for granted, expecting our child to be the same docile lovely little lass forever. That's why I'm glad not to miss these precious moments. That was the reason why I chose to come with circumstances most Singaporean migrants wouldn't - penniless, jobless, taking a penniless, jobless and pregnant wife along with me.

I wouldn't have the chance to enjoy these moments if I never did. No chance in hell. Yes, I could not fail to land a job for a year. I would have fail miserably and suffer a painful financial lesson. There are still chances I will lose my job and undergo a financial famine. I may even have to crawl back like a beaten dog to support my family. No matter what happens, I will have no regrets. I have been so lucky to experience magical moments that makes life worth living. What is there to regret?


  1. She looks fun to play with :)

    Glad you're happy at where you're now.


  3. What a beautiful bundle of joy! Cheers!

  4. Look into your child's eyes, regard his/her entire being.
    How can there be a more beautiful living thing in the world?

    Of course our feeling this way as parents may sound illogical to those who are not.
    But that's the additional bonus, which I'm humbled and grateful for, every time.