Wind of Change

It was a long time since I clicked 'snooze' when the alarm on my mobile phone activated. In fact, it was unusual I wasn't awake by the time my alarm rang out. It had been a long while since I slept with the rhythm of raindrops drumming on the roof throughout the night. I couldn't even recall. It must have been somewhere in Malaysia when I was a small boy. Though the pelting of rain against our window panes in Singapore was pleasing enough for a good night's sleep, this was slightly better. And I had to be awake almost cruelly for work.

We experienced a sharp change in weather for the past 2 days. It is 13 degrees celsius right now, at 0700hrs. For the past couple of weeks, it had been rather warm, getting on my nerves actually. Remember Steve, my ex supervisor mentioned about a drastic change of weather at the end of a season? It signifies a permanent change in weather thereafter, until the end of next season. The highest and lowest temperature for the next few days are forecast to be 19-14, 22-11, 25-5, 32-16, 34-18. A sharp rise in temperature noted. After the end of this cold bout, expect the hellish heat of Summer.

The wind gusts were pretty bad yesterday, particularly felt whenever one hit the Monster during my delivery rounds. Considering Monster wasn't lightweight at almost a gross weight of 3 tons at that point of time, the speed of wind must had been exceeding the usual significantly for me to feel gusts pushing the Monster from the side occasionally. I had to grip the steering wheel tighter and anticipate gust attacks to correct the vehicle back to path. Belong long, I saw adverse weather warnings on the electronic road billboards.

Thought that was over but the wind got stronger towards the night. Good timing for most would be safely back home by then. An angry one swept past my abode by 2100ish, rattling windows and doors. It felt like the house went through a car wash or a giant washing machine - fortunately without the spin. The rain continues today morning and looks set to go through the day with it. Small tree saplings was spotted bending over in awkward angles from the constant barrage of wind. This wouldn't last. By the end of the week, we'll be enduring smelting times while Singapore will experience its best gentle cool winds till the Chinese New Year. The time of the year. 

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