The Secret Plan

I have a secret plan. It has never been discussed or conceptualised with anyone, including my wife. There has been no feasibility studies, no researches, nothing to prove its viability. I don't have figures or facts, just a tiny burning flame well concealed at a quoin of my channel of thoughts.

This will take place when Albany is fully independent, capable of taking care of herself with her parents away for a while. A long while maybe, perhaps a year? That sounds like 2 decades away. I would be in my 50s by then, too old to work my ass off like before, too young to die. If Jen and I are not in the state where we can't wait to see the end of each other, perhaps we should go on another adventure.

We'll hug Albany goodbye and give her a cute wave of the hand - like the way she just learnt to do - hop on our motor home and drive. 

Drive and drive and drive. And drive.And drive and drive and drive. Jen will be doing the driving. I'll do my random musing. That way, both of us will enjoy our respective roles. When we run out of money, we work at wherever we find work. I'll work harder if my old bones still allow me to. Jen will be keeping me company, taking pictures and picking a few berries to earn her keep. With a pittance earned, we will be good to go on road again. We'll visit Albany, the beautiful little town, the namesake of our daughter. We'll drive across the South Coast Highway to enjoy the magnificent view of Esperance. Our friend MJ told us it'll be good. Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Broom, drop by Banksia Grove to say hi to Dennis before returning to check how's Albany is doing.

Crazy plans have no bearings. Especially something as far as 2 decades away. Who knows there may be another kid coming along. Dennis might move to the South. You know, things change. But we'll see. Jen will tell me her thoughts about this in no time, I'm sure about that.


  1. This is the Australian retiree's great Australian Outback walkabout dream. Start looking for that campervan or trailer!

  2. I have a similar dream. When I am stable financially and career-wise in Canada, I will drive/take-train across the Canadian small towns West-to-East and back through USA small towns East-to-West. I want to experience what a long road trip (like they show in the movies) would be like.

  3. I'm not sure if I can join you by then? I'll be in my 70s. I would prefer to go India to seek enlightenment staying in an ashram without the modern comforts of luxury preferring for the next life!

  4. I wonder if it is possible to import a decommissioned SBS/Tibs bus and convert it into a motor home. I'd love to do that if I could.