A Bit of Notarization Information

hi friend
i have few doubts in preparing skill asessment for vetasses and i would like to get your advice.
1.do i need to photocopy original documents in black and white or color to get certify from notary?
2.i have 8 years experience, do i need to provide salary slip for every month of 8 years?
3.what are the documents i need to get certified from notary, is it education and experience certificate only or salary slips also get cettified?
please share your advice

Hi friend,

example. note the "Certified True Copy" stamp
and signature.

1) Either is fine. The important thing is the verification and certifying procedure. Make sure every copy you need is stamped and signed by your notarizing member. 

2) Send a CPF yearly statement in. It reflects your income and contribution and that will do. 8 statements is better than 96 pay slips. In fact, if your application only requires, say 4 year work experience, you need not send 8 year's worth of data.

3) All documents on your application checklist have to be certified true copies. That includes your academic certifications, passport and so on.

Go to a Justice of Peace instead of a lawyer for notarization.

Advice shared.




  1. JP is not the same as notarisation. Notarisation requires a notary public who will be a lawyer. JP's powers are within the territory and are specific to the country of appointment. For instances like this a notary public is required as it is the only mechanism that is recognised across the different international legal jurisdiction.

    1. it worked for me during my application and it should be good enough for the others.

  2. Just get a package deal if there are many documents to certify. It does not matter whether b/w or color.