The Peasant's Guide to Singapore Permanent Residency

It just occurred to me this blog wouldn't have existed till now if Australia's immigration policies are as lackadaisical as Singapore's. After putting up so many FAQs (filed under the Migration label), there is still a constant stream of emails from Singaporeans asking for help in regards to immigration to Australia. As it seems, it is still difficult to get a permanent residence visa in Australia. Either that or Singaporeans do not bother to read. I am giving Singaporeans the benefit of doubt here. After subjecting myself to scanning through the Australian Immigration website time and again for dyslexic Singaporeans these few years, I did the same for something I would probably never need to do if not out of curiosity. I tried to put myself into the shoes of others trying to immigrate to Singapore instead.

Within a couple of minutes, I was shaking my head. No wonder we have been facing a glut of dodgy migrants that we (that includes the PAP government) have no idea how they got in until it is too late. I am giving the government the benefit of doubt (seriously) here, else whoever approved those immigration policies ought to be publicly executed. Even for Australia's stringent immigration policies, migrants wannabes from some countries (shan't name which) still managed to sneak in cleverly through loopholes and back doors. Trust me on this, Singapore have no chance against these lot. No fucking chance.

The weakest link is that ICA allows anyone who has been living and working in Singapore for at least 6 months under the age of 50 to apply for a Singapore PR. That alone is only 1/4 the time required for someone working under an employment pass in Australia to apply for an Australia PR visa. The criteria for Singapore's PR approval isn't difficult at all. Check out our requirements.

Your education background. Singapore authorities give a lot of weight to your degree and the institute where you graduated.

Fake degrees anyone? [link]
We have no stringent skills or certification assessment bodies in Singapore like the Australian counterparts such as VETASSESS, TRA, CPA, ANMAC etc. Thus a certification such as MBA (Southern Pacific University) ended up being "given a lot of weight" to someone.

Your physical stay in Singapore. The longer your physical stay in Singapore, the more the authorities will be convinced that you plan to reside in Singapore permanently.

I didn't know ICA give points for campers.

Your employment background and the stability of your job

Shouldn't be difficult to get a convincing referral. IDA may be a good start.

Credentials of your employer (the more established the company, the better)

Who can refute the credentials of a GLC, statutory board or ministry? See above. Else, there is no harm snooping around some MNCs located at expo, since you can speak the same dialect as the HR managers working in those companies. Bring some beer along.

Your salary and financial well-being

Welcome to Singapore. Your orientation 1.01 - Money talks. Fortunately Australia does not have this unique requirement for their PR visa, else a pissed poor peasant like me will never be able to get in. Still, fret not. Get the villagers back home to pool a shitload of cash to place in your bank account. Shitty interest rates I know but bear with it for a while. After the ICA approving officer is impressed with the zeroes in your bank account and approves your PR, you may transfer the lump sum to the next fellow villager coming via the same route as you.

Your character (such as whether or not you are a law-abiding citizen)

Easy, easy. According to the Prime Minister of Singapore, Singaporeans commit more crimes than foreigners. [link] So it must be easy to look law-abiding. Singaporeans make it easy for you.

Your family ties in Singapore. If you have family ties, it’s considered a positive factor.

Of course you have family ties. Of course, of course. ICA loves families, cousins, relatives, uncle's dog's bitch's owner's sister. Positive factor.

Your charitable contributions to society such as volunteering, donations, etc.

Take a cue from our brother here. Caretaker, PAP grassroot member, plenty of donations all sponsored by your everyday way-to-honest Singaporean.

So in order to stay in Singapore for 6 months, how do I get an employment pass in the first place?

The Singapore employment pass requirements:

Minimum salary requirement of $3,300. 

That's where the carton of beer comes useful. When your fellow villager cum HR manager in MNC is a little bit tipsy, you'll get it done. Else, use the classic method that has been around for decades, offer to pay your employer $1,800 in cash after each pay day. So you are effectively an employment pass holder working on $1,500. MOM approved method. Not only this allows you to walk in to your job, beating your Singaporean competitors, you have no NS liability so as to allow your employer to milk the last drop out of you - unlike Singaporean losers who will be deployed to do crowd control when MRT trains break down.

Aside from the minimum salary, the applicant’s educational qualifications and work experience are also key considerations for the MOM in granting the EP.

Your credentials are faker than Xia Xue's face. So don't worry about key considerations, since they are going to be impressive like fuck. Since our DPM Teo Chee Hean do not think there is a need for a checking system [link] for your qualifications, who gives a heck about your working experience? Also, the hiring manager is not going to even call your referees, because it's him.

A tertiary degree from a reputable university and relevant professional experience is important. Applicants should be educationally qualified with qualifications from reputable institutions. In some cases, your strong professional employment history and good salary may compensate for lack of good education. Your proposed employment in Singapore must be relevant to your prior experience and education.


There is no official quota system. Each application is reviewed by authorities based on the credentials of the employing company and the applicant.

Explained: legs open wide. Uniquely Singapore. More good years ahead! Always here for you! Confidence for the future!


  1. 65% to 70% for the white undies.

  2. I am sure Nisha padmanabhan never have to do course work for the so called MBA from Southern Pacific University. In other words it is not possible that she did not know she is buying a fake degree. With this track record of misleading cv, what is the likelihood of her lying to get her way in work? Some more we are talking about employment in stat board!

    If you see someone with the right bachelor degree (so there are many such reputable colleges in India?) but found evidence of poor conduct (like buying a degree to lie in their CV) would you hire this person.

    Normal people says no.

    But ah then the statutory board says never mind Lah we only look at basic degree not the applicants conduct since getting the degree. I wonder if that prof chee of SDP feels cheated by this kind of treatment.

    Like this SG Inc is really a scarier place for both SG and PR (since any Tom dick or Harry foreigner can take their job with fake cred and join their ranks as a new PR)

  3. SG desperate for migrants aka $$$ lah.

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