Winter 2015 is Over

There is a good 2 weeks to go on the calendar before Winter ends. Generally, as a rule of thumb Spring starts in September. 

I knew it the moment I drew my blinds and opened my door wide to greet the Sunday morning. The temperature might have been cold for Singapore's standards but I did not feel that tinge, that familiar slight sting that pierce through whatever fabric threw on myself every morning at 5.30am when I leave for work. I stood at the balcony for a few minutes without filching. Like the previous year, Spring came early. As far as I'm concerned, Winter 2015 is over.

True enough for the next few days, I was able to walk barefoot on tiled floors and wear shorts at home. Getting into bed at night do not make me shiver for a couple of minutes anymore. It's sad actually. Did 1 year just slip away from me again? The longer I stay in Perth, the faster time seems to move. Truth to be told, I dread the end of Winter. The short daylight has been perfect for me. I have been contented with driving to work in complete darkness and watching the sunset while I cook dinner for us at 5pm. Nearly every type of insect that annoys me disappear during these 3 months. Since Winter is Perth isn't really that cold (we probably had only a couple of zero degrees this time around), no insects, no door to door salespeople and no invitation to mass BBQs, it never fail to deliver 3 months of peace and quiet for me.

However since the 2nd year in Perth, the end of Winter always mean I had to visit the hospital to check my cancer status. If I get to live another year or I'm fucked. You will never understand the feeling unless you are in a similar situation.


  1. Not much I can say to help, and not much worrying can help you until you get your result.

    But take this advice: never ever go to the appointment alone, no matter how confident you are, ( I said as much the same thing last year)

  2. I believe time seems to fly by because life is good here. I am often surprised how it didn't seem like that long ago I arrived in Perth on a cool September day, almost four years ago.

  3. And then met my first friends, Nix and Jen, soon after.