Live Again

I was transferred to another hospital this year for my cystoscopy and it was a totally different experience from the previous two. That emphasized how it is possible for an individual to undergo a totally different experience from another in Australia. This country is just too big for homogeneity. When I first came here, I did not come with the mindset of finding a paradise. On the contrary, I was expecting myself to get plenty of hard knocks along the way. However, there was something I always reminded myself - and I still do - that there ought to be a small corner in this vast piece of land that suits me.

Everyday, I am still learning something about this strange new place. I should be more careful to describe Perth, let alone Australia. For what I saw and heard were never going to be a good representation of the country. Moreover, the logs I made here were based on my feelings. May I remind you, lest you are new here, I am not your everyday average Singaporean. I would be one that most would call 'weird' back there. Thus, read my feel with a huge bucket of salt. My heaven could very well be your hell.

The Fiona Stanley Hospital experience took me by surprise. I think that deserves a post on itself so I'll save that for later. All I will say is the entire experience lessen my ordeal. You can call me soft for all I care. I am scared of cystoscopy and I am not afraid to admit that. The procedure allows me find any cancerous tumors early to give me a higher chance of combating them successfully. This process is optional but for the sake of my family, there is no option.

That would be my third cystoscopy. Though my friends knew I had to go through some sort of scan every year, none of them really knew what was it all about. It was tiring to explain to them over the phone.

So when I was trying hard to clear the bubbles in my bladder during my first pee (trust me, it was the weirdest feeling) slow through the pain after the scope, I distracted myself by sending this pic (left) to the male friends who cared to know. You should have seen their reactions! I should have did a screenshot. Heh heh.

If that diagram scared them, they would be freaked out if I told them the bold line (scope) was also capable of emitting light, acts like a camera and have fill my bladder with jets of water once it gets inside. Getting that thing in was just the beginning. Then the doctor would twist the probe (and my dick) around like a manual gear shift such that the camera moves inside to give them the angle of my bladder they wanted to see. Thankfully, none of the friends asked me, "Pain or not ah?"

On the way being pushed out on wheelchair, the doctors turned around and gave me a thumbs up and said, "All ok!"

That has been how I get my COE to live another year for the past 3 years. Reluctantly... but see you next Winter, Fiona Stanley Hospital.

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