I Celebrate No More SG50

Since end of July, I imposed a self exile from the Internet highway, hiding in a little known corner of the cyberworld known as the HOTLIII, where I spent a good month playing this MUD full time. No more logins to Facebook, checking emails or anything during this period, since 95% of the stuff hoarding new feeds would make me puke dinner. As I am a pissed poor peasant, I cannot afford such things from happening too often. In Perth, it isn't going to be something like taking the lift down and buying a packet of $2.50 (or whatever price it is now) chicken rice and filling up the gap here. "Outside meals" can cost quite a bit. Yeah, asingaporeanson cannot even afford to eat out. What poor standard of living he has in Australia. So please do not consider migrating to Australia. It is important to put such things down as a disclaimer, lest it gives some brainfarters the excuses to take cheap pot shots at me. (I'll come to you soon, I promise. And you're not going to like it.)

All the SG50 shit was nauseating. I wish I wasn't saying this in my position because the first thing anyone will bring out is my overseas status. If only anyone realises my geographical position has nothing to do with anything. I am a Singaporean, I hold a red passport and the fact I am working overseas doesn't not make me less red than you. The next thing you will say is that, if I hate Singapore so much, why not fuck off from Singapore? Singaporeans will be more than happy to see the likes of me gone. I have done so and the feelings are mutual. Now the customaries have been established, I'll repeat: All the SG50 shit was nauseating. You just couldn't understand how stupid everything looked. On a side note, many people contacted me and asked me my views on the GE round the corner. "This time, it will be different," they said. What a laugh. I simply told these deluded fellows to look at their Facebook feeds. One slogan was enough to get everyone spellbound. SG50. Simi lanjiao also SG50. 

Less than half a year ago, Singaporean zombies (SGZ) were up in arms lamenting about dropping construction standards, higher cost of living and malfunctioning infrastructure. SG50. Ooooh, I'm so proud of what we achieved. AIMS, Brompton, Mas Selamat, pondings, anarchic vandalism. Deep cracks, big signs of incompetent leadership, they said. SG50. Ahhhhh, they bought us to where we are. SGZ will never learn. Never. To you hopeful folks who attempted to sound positive, my message to you : Dream on.

"My love for my country has nothing to do with the ruling party. PAP is PAP, Singapore is Singapore," they said. Yeah right. So do explain why you throw a vote for the party who threatens you with the withdrawal of constituency upgrading funds if it falls into opposition hands. Love for the country, my ass. Besides, according to Facebook feeds, SGZ's love of the country roughly falls under these few categories:


So they said they doubled the budget for fireworks for SG50. That explained why fireworks pictures appeared twice as much as last year on Facebook feeds. You see these fiery glitters everywhere. I don't have a problem with fireworks but I wondered if anyone realises fireworks are meant to be enjoyed live, as it was performed. Yet DBZs were busily clicking non stop on their expensive cameras and post their pictures in Facebook later captioned, "What a great display, my best fireworks experience ever!" If clicking throughout the show was their best ever, they must have fallen asleep during the previous ones. I even saw a tense exchange between 2 SGZ arguing whose fireworks photograph is better. SGZ loves fireworks much.


Another way SGZ proclaim our love of the country was to caption their love declaration to pictures of war weapons they captured on cameras. "I'm so proud to be Singaporean." It convinced me that the government should have really spent less on weapons and more on education. Not that it will make much difference, I suspect.


It all began with pictures of Funpacks, or whatever they call it. Basically, things they will never use again after Aug 2015, other than whatever can be consumed. This year, they managed to play keep SGZ engrossed by using the aged trick, giving up collectibles. Collecting. That's the 4th most popular national past time after making money, queuing up and shopping. SGZ won't stop until they complete their full collection. Then they spend 1 minute to admire their work, keep it and wonder what else to collect next. SGZ loves collect much. I know that very well.


Post a picture of building, captioned, "We have come so far!" Oddly enough, none of building pictures posted up contain any human beings. Just buildings. Objects. Symbols. Logos. Slogans. Why didn't anyone post a picture of this?

or this

Not looking pretty anymore once you look into everyday living, yeah?

So what's the big deal about the number 50? Because we survived for 50 years without resources? Yes I get it. Great feat, no doubt about it but what's there to celebrate specifically about the 50th year? Have we finally put away enough money in the reserves that will yield us enough income from investments to give Singaporeans free medical and education? How does your life improve after 9th August 2015? And why won't we have the same amount of fireworks the next year on SG51? Shouldn't we be celebrating harder, surviving 1 more year after 50? So is anyone anticipating that SG51 fish cake in glee? How about 51g more bacon? Nah. No one gives a damn about life 51, it's not gonna be as special as 50 you know. But why? Stupidity requires no explanation.


  1. 65%+ to more than 70%.

    Cheng Li Hui will be the one to watch. PLEASE VOTE HER!!!!

  2. Ok Lah Nix. You got to give credit when it is due. Uncle here who can still remember the time when Malaysian coins is accepted for buying sweets and biscuits in SG, bet that even Uncle Lee KY can believe SG can survive for 50 yrs back in 1965 and at least there is some sort of education system that made you an attractive migrant for Oz (of course you still have to study hard etc)

    Can Lah, I watched for a short time the NDP parade on live stream and see all those leopard-2 SG and f-15SG and similanjiao SG veri impressive tight parade formation and flying formation (uncle here in his time only got f-5 and AMX tank) and was thinking how much threatening is needed to make sure the parade training is like North Korea (even the face camo also impress sia) someone in gah man is making sure SG spend a big chunk of Temasek money on hardware (and i see the military junta is making sure they sent their outgoing head into politics)

    Also I thought mr Singa courtesy campiagn mascot who retired in disgust some years ago now got collectable keychain? Wah a blast from the past, but I disagree the top favourite pastime for SGZ is to comprain and second is to pray with their smart device before third making money etc (where got enough job to make money)

    So I guess you wouldn't be watch the GE news as much? I will be interested to see if the biggest gambit LKY ever made works or not ( getting sympathy votes)

    1. Please lah. Impressive parade. Even your AMX track PADS they also asked chao NSF to KIWI BLACK. That kiwi bought from ST Logistic for rumored 3x the market price. What do you call that? Combat kiwi lah. Bullet proof type. Don't talk to me about NDP lah. You spend millions of millions dollars to show off and call it a celebration. Take those 15 million out, we can peng 30 million sticks of satay on the street, enough to feed all 3 million Singaporeans for a full meal.

      Please don't bring up education and why I should be grateful to Singapore. I'm not ungrateful and this has nothing to do with that anyway. I am against meaningless lavish celebrations. So what we survived 50 years? Singaporeans should pause a few seconds to think for a while. Who really benefit from these celebrations and who should be benefiting from it instead? Think.

    2. Don't fucking chee bye anyhow use the word Kiwi ok? Nin na hia.

    3. Don't anyhow cb here cb there ok? GNNBCCB can have class or not?

      The irony if you don't know is that KIWI shoe polish is actually an AUSSIE company and brand!

  3. Like when I was young, I asked my dad I have birthday celebration or not.. My dad ask me "what did you do the last year so good that we should celebrate ? Just getting older doesn't mean it is worth celebrating. As long as you breath and eat, you get older. Nothing special."

    That's why I don't have the habit of celebrating my birthday... Afterall, we are not in medieval times, where infant mortality is high and people all die at 40 years old...

    1. Your father very gheeam
      Birthdays are precisely for retrospective review of the past 365 days.
      Celebration is encouragement to work harder to achieve more.
      Otherwise might as well throw away calender

  4. Love the country and the ordinary hardworking folks but not the politics.