The Australian Government Says The Same Thing Too

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From the report: Lucky country becomes lazy: Migrant workers to do 'dirty' jobs.

Yup. It's official. It's the same everywhere. Locals shun jobs citing low pay, government wants to bring in migrants to take up these jobs, locals get pissed. Sounds familiar?

Is the situation the same for both Australia and Singapore? There are some notable differences.

1) Social support. There is a minority on social support. They receive money funded by taxpayers which is comparable to what some of these 'low end' jobs are offering. Thus it is very difficult to entice them to be employed.

2) Minimum wages may be too low for workers to enjoy a decent lifestyle in Australia but it is arguably adequate for survival. In Singapore, some of the equivalent jobs pay way too low even for survival.

3) Australians argued that there is a serious shortage of housing already, bringing migrants in will worsen the situation. Australians have not seen the housing situation in Singapore.

4) Population density: Singapore 7,148 people/kmvs Australia 3 people/km2

It's an open secret that Singaporeans resent the so-call 'foreign talents' brought in by the doves to compete for jobs. Some people asked me why I chose to go to Australia and face resentment, prejudice or even mistreatment. You know, the usual second class citizen thing pops up too.

Well, I am one of those who naively believed that menial jobs in Singapore will be taken up by Singaporeans if wages of these jobs were raised to a reasonable level. I remembered declaring that if someone offered me S$5,000/mth to sweet the streets, I will quit my job and take it up. I'm not sure about other Singaporeans. Here I am, in Perth doing a menial job. Action speaks louder than words.

Space. I really need this. Everyone does. The importance of adequate physical space for every human is grossly under-rated. 

Space gives you the fresh air that is good for health. 
Space gives you room to run, shout and play with your family, friends and dog without disturbing or being disturbed. 
Space provides you a sense of freedom. 
Space relaxes your body, tight neck muscles and slows your heart rate. 
Space calms and brings peace to your weary mind.

Just look at how big Australia is:

Someone once told me: Australia 地大人少,難到不可以容納多一個你?

Yes he was right. I'm still searching for it and struggling to fit in, but it does feel that there is a place for me here, somewhere. 2nd class citizen? It's all in the mind.


  1. It's happening everywhere la, and it's been happening for a long long time too.
    Only diff is, Singapore is too small for massive migration.
    And that's no such thing as a 2nd class citizen, only 2nd class mentality...
    hmmm, NZ also not bad leh. the folks there are friendlier too., and easier to get citizenship!! Hahah

  2. Actually, I never understood what this 2nd class citizen is all about. I became an Aussie citizen long ago, and I never felt any different from the other Aussies.
    I pay the same tax and enjoy the same benefits, same rights to vote, same rights to attend council meetings and bitch at Councillors without fear of repercussions.I have the same right to freedom of speech.
    Is this a myth? or perhaps a perception by some of the proud and arrogant Chinese Singaporean who always think they are one class above others.(no offense intended)
    In fact I felt more second class in Singapore, when I was not allowed to send my son to the International schools simply because I am(was) a Singapore Citizen. I later found out LKY could send his grandson to the American International School.
    Aren't LKY, his cronies and the elites first class with a different set of entitlements and us second class living under a different set of rules.

    1. This reminds me of a phrase.
      It is mind over matter.
      If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

    2. This sounds like my golf
      I don't mind the score
      so it doesn't matter
      Therefor I enjoy golf


  3. What I like is space opens up one's mind.
    I guess when you have plenty of space, you don't need to fight for it.
    When the trains are not crowded, you don't feel the need to rush into it.
    Australia is BIG but a lot of it is not really habitable. But the habitable parts are still spacious for twenty over million people.
    I like it :)

  4. Is living expenses high in Perth? Say for a family of 4 (me/wife/2 kids), is 3k monthly budget enough as per belowbreakdown?
    Rent - 400/wk
    Groceries - 100/wk
    Utilities (gas/broadband) - 50/wk
    Petrol - est. 75/wk
    Private insurance - 125/wk

  5. Erm... I should say I like this post. 2nd class citizens.. not too sure about Singaporean but in fact this happen too obvious in Malaysia. Especially for Malaysia Chinese. What makes this so significant. Malaysia Chinese and Malaysia Malays both holding the same citizenship in Malaysia. But the different between is, Chinese have lower chance to get into the Local Government University as compare with the Malays. What make this so different, just due to the government policy.

    For examples, Medicine in University, if Chinese need to enter to this course, they not only need to have super outstaning all stikes As..but also need to have some kind of "LUCK"..... I always dont know what happen to their selection of the Local Government university... but this is the fact.... Every period of the SPM or SPTM... there will always have complain for the outstaning student for not getting into the university... dont ask me how this happen... even the Minister himself also cant come out with a reasonable explanation... In fact may be he dare not answer cos they just set the quota of the course may be 70% or 80% for the Malays.... the remaining 20% it the fight between the remaining student other than Malays.How the 80% works, not all the student in the 80% is super outstanding in fact they just fill it with the candidates that even the score are not reaching... so what happen to the super outstanding but non malays student... they will just say ... sorry.. the course is full...

    Our 2nd class citizen treatment. This has been occuring over the years. And ya.. why so many professional and talented foreign talent appear in Singapore. Especially Malaysia Chinese....

  6. You feel you are a 2nd class citizen in Australia. Not ideal but it is definitely better than being treated as one in your own home country, Singapore.
    We do not shun jobs, jobs shun us.

  7. haha....we are 2nd class citizen in singapore too...even though we are BORN here...

    ah pooh