5 Months of Perth

Mandurah Sunset
When I penned my thoughts about our 4th month in Perth, we were still a couple. Just one day after, we became a family, with Albany finally born after 10 days overdue. In a blink of the eye, we are 5 months into Perth.

I could still remember the moment Albany cried for the first time. I staggered over the pedestal she was placed on while they cleaned her up. She looked beautifully normal; no Down's Syndrome as warned by KK Hospital. Tears threatened to well but I held them back by turning away. I walked back to Jen and gave a silly grin. The medical staff would have noticed there was something wrong about me by then.

Too many thoughts on my mind but the main feel of relief was apparent. The negative mind of mine had warned of possible ordeals such as Jen suffering a miscarriage due to the new environment, improper nutrition or during the period where we had to shift lodgings. There was this nagging feeling of being driven out anytime because there wasn't a rental agreement signed and Albany would be sleeping on the streets with us. We had to count our blessings to have delivered her well and healthy. Jen was amazing and took everything thrown at her in stride.

If somebody could have come from the future and got me to read my own blog in 2007 when I was toying with the thought of migration, I'm not too sure if I would still attempted it after realising the rocky adventures we would be going through. To be honest, I expected adventures in 2007. In fact, I looked forward to them. We told each other that we had nothing to lose and could come back to Singapore if things didn't work out well. How differently things turned out since. The conceiving of Albany took us totally by surprised and we were forced to make decisions fast and sharp along the way.

What now, from here? 

Another unsettling month ahead with Albany going full month in a moment, the mother-in-law moving to sister-in-law's place to stay before leaving Perth in March, along with Summer. The only thought in both our minds.

Can we cope?


  1. The doctors in Perth said Albany is all right, mean she is.

    To me, Jen and you are re-born to a brand new life. Same to Albany. Things seem to be arranged for you, from your thought to migrate to having Albany speeding up the process.

    So just do whatever it's right to do, bring back the dough for Jen and Albany. Take good care of them and yourself.

    I'm pretty sure your brand new life will be a good and meaningful one. =)


  2. You alway ask me to jia you and be brave. you too...must jia you and be brave. We miss you haha

    ah pooh

  3. in a blink of an eye, it will become 50 years in Perth

    by then Albany's children will also be healthy

  4. Yes you can!
    Look after your own health and well being. Stay connected with people close to you. Accept or ask for their support if you need to.

  5. time flies! 5mths alrdy~~

    next mth will be half a yr alrdy~!