Baey Yam Keng - Sorry No Cure Understand?

Baey Yam Keng is one confused dog. Before sending a lawyer's letter to me Mr Baey, I was actually referring your chinese zodiac sign. I'll have prefer to call you a cock, rat or a snake. My favourite is snake, seeing how you slithers around your different statements these few days. Count yourself lucky you are not born in the year of rat, snake or rooster.

Confused dog made a insensitive comment. Next, he tried to make a joke out of it with his lengthy "I'm born in year of dog" story, then stated that he did not meant it 'that way'. Subsequently he said the media might not have represented what he wanted to say the right way, then he stated he understood why some Singaporeans might have felt offended. When he finally felt the heat, he apologised in Parliament but defiantly insisting he had been 'accused' for siding with a foreigner while 'maintaining his stand'

Hey confused dog. If you are being accused, you don't apologise. If you felt that you have done nothing wrong, you don't apologise. If you want to maintain your stand urging Singaporeans to 'reflect', you don't apologise. If you don't want to apologise, don't.

Otherwise, do a good job.

Here the video of confused dog's apology. If you think I am over the top in my assessment of his apology, watch it yourself and decide if he is sincere.

Your award for your effort Mr Baey:

I quote CNA's report
This added to the furore, even after Mr Baey subsequently explained on his Facebook - saying he did not agree with Sun's comment, but that he felt Singaporeans could be more open to criticism.
He called us dogs and you urged to open ourselves to criticism. 

You are a Singaporean yourself Mr Baey Yam Keng. This is your criticism on how you carried yourself lately. Shove this into your throat yourself the way you PAP members expect us Singaporeans to.

Last but not least, "Bark you"


  1. baey should go tell his PAP leaders to be more open to criticism instead of suing them


  2. I do not condone what he said though I am his cousin.
    I am no scholar and not an elite but can still tell the diff between dogs and humans.
    BYK's cousin

    1. He probably had no choice, with a knife behind his back. But he should have kept his mouth shut right from the start.

  3. Don't know how to post pics, but this is so funny

    now he is known as siao baey in the forum that i frequent

  4. To begin with, to call someone dog is not a criticism, it is a down right insult. This stupid MP does not know the difference.

  5. If a local call our mini-stars DOG, especially that few, what will happen? Probably no sue till bankrupt no let off.


  6. Ok let's cool down brothers and sisters. Let's not clobber this MP any further.

    We agree that an MP should not be a Mr- Please- All and a Mr Popular, which in Mr Baey's situation, his unsolicited views had backfired. No one can be a Mr Be-All Inclusive for all people forever. So now by not making a moral stand for Singaporeans, he is quite confused in his role as an MP.

    We must remember that tax payers' money is used here to fund a foreign scholar who had despised us the tax payers for supporting him in his prestigious scholarship. That is the key issue Mr Baey should have addressed and not veered into other irrelevant issues about the need for Singaporeans to self reflect.

  7. sun xu is very likely another " kong qing dong" who stir up a controversy in hong kong by calling hong kong people dogs, hong kong politician then came out to defend for their people. no thank to mr baey.
    the tension between hong kong ppl and chinese is understandable,(i am not agree with mr kong) but sg has been giving this ungrateful dog so much privileges over citizen, if anyone likes him allowed to walk over singapore that unreasonably for a minor starring that most citizen did not do to him, i doubt the leadership of this country.
    the leaders here have lost the ability to tell what wrong or right.