Perth VS Singapore (Rosti friendly match)

Here's something interesting: Cooking duel over whatsapp over different continents between my beautiful neighbour Mrs Lim (formerly known as Miss Ang Jia Qin) and me - asingaporeanson. So the match up looks like this:

Representative from Perth:
asingaporeanson, Serial Whiner
using his A$26.00 Tefal Pan
at his rented lodgings in Huntingdale, Perth
Potatoes: White Spuds
Herbs: Rosemary (plucked from Eugene's bush outside)
Sausage: Lamb
Sauce: Sweet herbed tomatoes


Standing up for Singapore
Mrs 'Complain Queen' Lim
using her S$xxx.xx (before discount)
at her parent's house in Tampines, Singapore
Potatoes: USA Russet Potatoes
Herbs: Mixed herbs
Sausage: Huge delicious looking. Meat unknown
Sauce: Sour Cream

asingaporeanson did his cooking on Saturday afternoon with badly weakened arms due to an unusually tough week at work. He could hardly lift his 30cm Tefal pan, let alone flip it. Using a cheap manual grater with his wife helping to grate all 5 potatoes because his pathetic fingers were unable to grip the potatoes properly with the pain going on, he managed to savage an edible version of Rosti to fill the stomach of both his wife and himself. 

His process:

His product

On Sunday, Mrs Lim used premium potatoes and nice smelling freshly bought herbs to whip up her storm. Effortlessly flipped her Rosti like a pro while the other hand satkilly giving live commentary to asingaporeanson via her iPhone. This is her very first attempt making Rosti with her Happycall pan. Or maybe her first attempt making anything with her Happycall pan. With huge curiosity and motivation to please the very hungry Mr Lim, she churned a very successful version of Rosti that got her an encore request even before the first helping was finished.

Her process

Her product:

Rosti from both sides were eaten up clean so it's hard to give points.

Fun. :)

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  1. Your post is making me hungry at this hour of the day. Hope your hand recovers soon!