Baby 1.01 For Dummy Dads


  1. i rem helping my mum to take care of my cousin's baby from when he was 2 mths old

    very hectic

  2. bug detected..."sell baby" command not recognized = not an option. Not bad, you get most the Q&A in place. The chart will get more complciated as time passes. Too late to return package, it's a love-hate roller coaster ride, please don't turn into The stupid man, there's a lot of fun Albany will bring too. taking care of your kido is not the tough part, as we will get better with it. Nurturing them is the mind boggling part, as you will find out in a matter of time. Terrible twos dun stop after they turn 2, it gets stuck with

  3. hahaha!!! this is the first time I've seen something like this..
    There'll be more to come. Be afraid, be very afraid... heheheh

  4. u li hai can do chart come out

  5. And this is just the beginning. When they learn to walk and start talking, more branches and options will come. I remember that when my three cousins were born. ~ Joelyn Alexandra

    1. Lao shi so li hai. Not yet be mother already know parenting skills.

  6. Hey you forgot one. Is baby sleeping? Yes -> Happy Ending?

    The way she slept through our weekend lunch meeting, nice!

  7. wahahahahah!!!


  8. Hahahaha! :-D I like your sense of humour. Nice chart!

  9. I'm rotflmao* over this! X-D

    Thanks for the flowchart!

    (* 'rolling on the floor laughing my abdomen off', for those unfamiliar with this stale term.
    No, 'a' does not really stand for 'a**', child filtering on.
    Have you noticed how your belly shakes when you laugh?
    My barrel does.
    If your a** is doing the laughing instead, you're letting out gas! ;-P )

  10. don't worry too much, dude, you survived 5 months... this crying phase will last only max another 5 months. I've been thru 2 crying babies myself - it's only tough when you are sleep deprived, other times it's ok.