Perth Room For Rental

Joanna's room is up for rent!

What does that gotta do with me? Jenny. She asked me to post an advertisement for Joanna on the blog. I told her she must be kidding, knowing how little traffic the blog generates. It's a waste of time, Joanna will find her tenant better elsewhere.

When Jen is in an argumentative mood, she's invincible. Or rather, I was too easy an opponent with my poor verbal skills. Can't beat Jen's 'Maybe xxx, then xxx, so xxx, therefore you xxx'

Ok I'll write an advertisement for Joanna, Australian style

Newly Renovated and Furnished Room For Rental

The Serious Stuff
  • A$150 per week
  • Single bed provided
  • Water and Internet (fast and stable) included
  • Address: 1/10 Kinghorn Place, Redcliffe, WA 6104
The Perks
  • It's a 3 minutes drive (if you beat every red light) to Belmont Forum (That's big deal!)
  • If you do not drive, there is a bus right outside Joanna's house and it goes to the City (yeah), King's Park (lovely) and Belmont Forum! (the big deal!)
  • IGA is a mere 5 minutes walk for hungry tenants!
  • 10 minutes jog to Swan River (Ascot)!
  • NO noise from Airport!
  • Only 9km away from Perth CBD!
  • Planter bed available for green fingers to dabble around with!
  • Mature onion plant in planter bed left by previous tenant!
  • Joanna's beautiful younger sister as housemate!
  • Opportunity to learn cooking, baking and wine making from Joanna!
  • Ripe Pomegranate just outside the house ready for harvest if you RENT NOW!

Don't miss this awesome room if you are looking for a cosy, safe place to stay
Contact Joanna: 0422 788 538 (Non - office hours), Text during office hours


  1. Hi, is there any minimum contract period?


    1. preferably 6 months minimum.
      If no contract period prefered by tenant, then 2 weeks to 1 month notice period of termination will be good.

      Contract period is negotiable with Ms Joanna

  2. You forget to include, ample parking along the street and it is free :)

    1. yes. Parking is free. There is a covered lot too.

    2. Wow! I have a covered lot too, an old tree covering my car so everyday I either get bird shit and many dried leaves on clear from my car. But I'm loving it! :P

  3. LOL-ed at your last few points. Seriously if it's available in march-apr I take it. Need a place to stay while looking for jobs.


    1. feel free to contact joanna and see if it is by then. She may have more than a room to rent out, im not too sure.

    2. MJ,

      You can email me if you still interest.


  4. i really think you are a gifted writer.

    1. just wayang wayang hun fan chi only =)

    2. What's "hun fan chi"?

      Btw if she is hoping for Singaporean as tenants, can try

    3. 'Hun fan chi' 混饭吃 is the Chinese Hanyu Pinyin 汉语拼音 phonetics standard for 'dabbling around for a living'.

      Thank you for blogging, -asingaporeanson-.
      I was linked to you by my younger brother, who also lives in Australia now.
      In your own honest and sincere way, you have encouraged me within.

  5. Aussies usually demand pictures.......

    1. i don't have joanna's little sis's pic. Sorry

    2. Demanding pictures of the little lady, instead of the prospective room?
      *Blinks rapidly in disbelief*

  6. If i can make it to Perth in 2014... I'll take the room!


  7. Nix, Many thanks!!!

    Update news: One room is now rented out! still got another room free. Have quite a few people (most of them are Indians guy)contact me. They all wanted the room, but i reject them as Im not comfortable.

    I rather keep the room for now until the right tenant.Hehe....


  8. Hi Joanna,

    Keep the room for me, I am coming to Perth soon, just got a case officer for my 176 visa application, hope I can get my PR soon...

    Ray from S'pore