Australian Citizen by Descent

Was encouraged to share this infographic by Heather in er... June last year. I will focus my comment on Australia since I have been asked the same question many times over. "Is Albany (my daughter) an Australia citizen?"

The answer is yes.

But how did that happen? According to Heather's infographic, the requirements of a citizenship by descent are as follow;

"At least one of the responsible parents with the citizenship of Australia at the time of the applicant's birth."


"A good character."

Good to know I am considered a good character, considering how many evil thoughts I have in my mind all the time. However, the definition of 'citizenship' is a little vague there. Both of us were only Permanent Residents (still status quo by now) when Albany was born. All we did was fill in forms for her birth certificate, a standard procedure regardless where your baby is born and hey presto! We received her birth certificate a few weeks later declaring Albany an Australian citizen. Thus, PRs might be considered as citizenship in this context. Or was it a mistake all along?

Second Passport, an infographic from


  1. Hi,
    I was also told another criteria for a child born in Australia to be citizen is if either parent holds a PR subclass visa.

  2. Your daughter is not an Australian by descent, she is an Australian by birth as per the above comment.

    An example of citizenship by descent would be a child born in Singapore to Australian expat parents.