Unfinished Business

In most if not all of the community groups on my Facebook account, the chances that any thread with more than 20 comments involve 2 or more people squabbling within.  Then you'll have people trying to break up the virtual fight, another handful adding fuel to the flame, the rest gleefully watching a free show and an odd administrator here and there who have an ego bigger than the moon trying to look important while all he did was to look like a bigger dick than his ego. There is only one thing to do in such groups - stay clear, unless you have so much free time to poke your nose into other people's business. I wouldn't say the one and only group I set up in Facebook - Singaperth - is an exception. It can be prone to ugly spats like that just like any group. That's the reason why my stint as the group administrator was short-lived - like some 2 weeks? - because I was neither up to it nor have a ego like the moon to stay as one. My skin is too thin as fuck, for my own good at times. Besides, Jen is doing a great as the successor. The group has been quiet, some may say dead. Nevertheless the group remains functional and is actually still growing modestly. I almost forgot I created Singaperth until Josephine told Albert about it during our introduction.

So this morning I saw a pretty lively thread with good responses that didn't involve quarreling. Great. I couldn't remember when was the last time I posted something in the group. Was it the SOS call to help Ninja Nurse at the airport after her rental-ute debacle? If it was, that should be ages ago. Just a small update (though she told me not to), Ninja Nurse is very well settled in her job and her husband has joined her in the same hospital. I've been told that Rei-I is doing well in school and love life in Perth. I am very happy for them. 

The response in the crabbing event is better than I thought. The turnout should be well above my expectations. That may or may not be a good thing, since I kinda hate people in general. There were a good score of great people who made great gatherings as exception in the past. This one should hopefully be one of those. It started when I asked Wee Tuck if he wanted to crab and he did so I decided it is a duty to show a newly arrived a new side of Perth he hasn't see yet. Another underlying motivation was the humiliation that we suffered last year. I hate to bring this up. Our score last year was a big fat zero. Out of our three crabbing trips, we caught nothing. Needless to say, when I called Steph and asked if he wanted to join me, there was no hesitation. The tragedy last year must have contributed to some of our bad sleeps since last Summer. It is time to put some ghosts to rest.

Wee Tuck needed a crabbing scoop. So I took him to the shop. It was in fact my first visit to an outdoor shop, since Eugene bought my scoop for me. The shop was pretty impressive in terms of size and setup. It was clear that the Aussies are pretty serious in their outdoor activities, considering that shop wasn't even one of the bigger outlets and there were tons of such shops all over Perth.  I walked through lanes with overhead fishing rods proudly displayed above me. That felt like the parade commander walking through a guard-of-honour platoon with their swords drawn. Like proper men, we wanted to go straight for what we wanted to buy and leave. Alas, they were out of stock! Looks like we'll have some competition at crabbing spots. Wee Tuck got his scoops at another outlet later on.

Meanwhile, the others who expressed their interests were scrambling to get their equipment, foam boxes and lights. That is the way I prefer to do things - touch and go at the last minute. The sense of urgency brings excitement and there isn't a long wait in between to kill off any anticipation. If this event turns out enjoyable, I may be encourage to invite others to come along to other weird activities, such as singing to Aloe Vera pots. Tomorrow night will be a blast. We have unfinished business to settle at the Peel.

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  1. Actually my favourite shop is the local Kmart, a bit like Bunnings hardware where it is very hard to walk in and out without buying anything. There is nothing like it in spore and for people who want to try try a new hobby I recommend going to Kmart to look for a cheap option which is generally better quality than the $2 shops and often not much more expensive. There are things I bought from that place which I am still using and not broken and pretty much recommend people to try that place first when on a student budget when setting up a house. Sometimes they even have end of line clearance (not advertised in brochure since the stock to clear is very low) which can include very nice and expensive looking items at half price or less.

    Another useful tip from miserly tight arse shop smart xyz