Harvey Hills - Goodbye

This wasn't our first farm stay but it was apparent this was the one Albany enjoyed most. Perhaps she was older and could make better sense of what was going on. She could probably differentiate a holiday from a routine by now. Previously, farm animals would look like strange creatures for toddler too young to relate animal names to. This time round though, I could tell she was old enough to appreciate the experience of staying among animals in a beautiful environment . I took a stroll with Albany alone on our last morning after breakfast. She seemed to know we were checking out in a few hours and quickly went through every activity she enjoyed there. First she asked to play on the swing, and a few good rounds on the see-saw, then she pulled my hands and dragged me to the trampoline much further away. By then, we were out of sight from Jen.

"Say goodbye to the animals, Albany."

"Bye Rabbit," Albany waved to some wild patchy rabbits, scampering away at our presence.

"Bye Peacock," she waved as one of the peacock proudly sashayed past, ignoring the toddler.

"Bye Kangaroo," as we walked past two joeys adopted from the wild recently.

"Bye Horse."

Moments like that made me feel that parenthood was worth it. I wouldn't believe I would say that if I read this ten, even five years ago. The little touches and quiet interaction with Albany made me feel again like a human being I had once forgotten how to. Putting these complex feelings into words would be almost an impossibility. How difficult would it be for a photographer capture a feeling not betrayed by an expression?

I took Albany to the inner gate of Harvey Hills farm to take a parting photographer. Then I urged Albany to follow two grazing sheep nearby. By then, I noticed the sheep had the tendency to walk around the compound in an anti-clockwise direction.

"Follow the sheep Albany, they will lead you to Mummy." Albany duly strolled close to the bleating furs at their pace. True enough, Mummy was soon spotted at the far end of the road with a big grin on the face.

"Mummy!" Albany yelled and ran towards Jen.

With that, we checked out and left Harvey Hills rocking down the dirt road. Before we leave the town, we decided we stop by the Harvey Dam. Albany insisted she wanted to "Sit high high" and I obliged yet again and put her on my shoulders, much to the annoyance of Jen. Albany would never stop asking for such things if I kept giving it, Jen reckoned.

If only I could keep giving, I would.

We'll walk on

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