They Love Chicken

They are giving us free rooms to fuck.

Alright, I missed a point there. It wasn't quite free sex. They wanted something out of it.


Not just any egg but fertilized eggs.

Hmm, just a while ago I was having a conversation with the Duchess about having my own farm in bid for my foolish quest for sustainable living. She did a pre-order for a small but regular supply of eggs. Not just any eggs but free range eggs. What do most of us understand from the term free range? That egg laying hens get to roam in big fields all the time, eating healthy natural food such as organic worms, if there is such a thing at all. 

Truth to be told, free range chicken still get herded around and confined a lot. We are talking about chickens being reared as poultry. They are not going to be anything like those kampong chicken you come across in the rural depths of SEA countries except Singapore. So we have to get real and understand that free range poultry chicken are confined all the time too. Mind you, confinement doesn't necessarily mean caged. It really depends on your own definition when it comes such things. For instance, Australia and Singapore are both islands thus the populaces are confined by water. For someone who have lived in both countries, I can tell you if you blindfold yourself and start wandering around, you can likely to crash into a thorny bush in one country and smash your nose into somebody's succulent armpit in another. That's how I figured out what free range meant.

Now that we established that free range chicken are that free range, caged chicken is an entirely different dimension. Imagine being chucked into a cage to breed and your produce turned into economic units, then being housed in tiny space for the rest of your lives. Would you really care for a free fuck?

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