The Final Third

I have to be honest. Out of the 3.75 Summers I went through, the current one has to be the best. Even if February turns out to be the mother of all heat waves, the fine weather (by usual standards) in December and January probably made up for it and make this an average shitty Summer. However if the current trend continues across February, we might be experiencing one of the memorable legendary Summers to reminisce when we become even older farts in several years to come. There hasn't even been a bush fly epidemic that requires me to draw my epic Fly Slayer from the catacombs to save my community. Are the dung beetles experiment working? Last year, I read somewhere that they wanted to introduce a lot of these in the rural sites to break down cattle waste and reduce bush fly reproduction. I wonder....

Summer has been so okay that I even felt it was not a bad idea stroking up the oven to bake a meal. (see left) Apologies for being totally random here. This was put up to remind hapless new migrants from Singapore who cannot cook to save their lives that it is possible to break out of a Maccas (Mc Shit) routine. Unless they cannot turn a knob or two clockwise or read short instructions, this chunk is basically a ready-buy from Coles/Woolies to be popped into an oven for X minutes to feed their children and their neighbours' children for a weekend. The best thing was, it cost less than a Mc Shit value meal. It even cost less than chicken on certain days. If you are neither a red meat eater nor a vegetarian, give turkey a try now and then.

Now that hapless-Singaporeans-without-maids are taken care of, let's talk about the remaining third of Summer. As I am writing this, I have just experienced a 5 minute light drizzle out there. Did I hear a soft groan of thunder far, far away? I almost forgot how this feels like. Raining days or nights tend to remind me of Singapore. Ah, Singapore. It is difficult to measure how detached I am by now. Whenever I return for my visits, I still manage to traverse the island seamlessly as if I had never left. Yet throughout the days, I felt like I was observing the hectic world zipping by like a formless apparition. Eventually, I would be forgotten just as I will forget. Are our worldly existence merely memories, data?

My favourite season Autumn is looming. Hopefully it will arrive right on time in March. I promised myself I will make the effort to enjoy the coming Autumn. We need to wake as early as the weekdays on the weekends. The prize of this environment is the amazing morning. I have been waking to such mornings everyday and telling myself I must reward myself to these gems during the weekend but I have been letting myself down. As the final third of the great Australian summer runs down, it's time to get set and go.


  1. I am quite sure there will be a severe heat wave in Perth later this month once I've scooted to Sg Nix.