Dirty Fellows

One day, I will get dirty with the boys. I need to know a few cranky ones who see the value is doing something that has no legitimate purpose. After rolling in the mud on Christmas Eve, we'll dress up like mythological creatures, with Albany being a little forest elf, and walk along the city streets. We'll fish when we want to, crab when the heat is on and build tents to sleep in when we feel like it. Have impromptu BBQs. Unplanned, disorganised, totally screw up kinds. The rawer the better. Have meals cooked within 15 minutes with no apologies given. At times, old friends are missed. People who would be willing to who walk in, raid the fridge, sit on the floor, the courtyard in their kopi-tiam ah pek postures, eat up whatever thrash left in the kitchen or invade it to whip up their own meal with an extra helping for their host. Formality is weary business. How long is it going to last? Saying Thank you and Sorry is a chore. I'll take Fuck You from a buddy any day.

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