Hot Dog

A smart brown dog with a lean, mean body limped into the workshop the other day. It was a smelting hot afternoon at 41 degrees Celsius. Instinctively I handed the bowl of water I was taking a drink from and it became the drinking bowl of a grateful hot dog.

"What a nice dog," I thought, as I slapped his butt a few times. Needless to say, the sour grip of regret twisted my soul once again as I thought of my late buddy. The owner of the dog emerged shortly after, surprised to see his dog being welcomed despite being uninvited. I have the honor of being invited again by Xiao Bai's owners for a barbie this weekend. It would be great to spend some time with the positively mutated oversized JRT once more. I would like to have a longer walk with Xiao Bai than the last time at M's if weather permits. 

It is never easy for dog owners to leave their buddies. If I describe things in detail, I'll be guilty for reducing M to a miserable whimper. She would understand what I had gone through during my first year. Tell Karing how her life would be the same if she didn't decide to import Xiao Bai from Singapore, she may hug him tightly and cry nooooooooooooo.

One day. That'll be one day, I'll be able to have another dog with me here. This time round, I'll do a better job than I did for Chocolate. One day.


  1. I love dogs but don't have a chance to have one.

    Whenever my single female friends say they wish that their future husbands would be faithful, I told them to get a dog instead.

  2. And I wish that I will be able to read all the adventures of you and your buddy here on asingaporeanson. ;)