NS Exit Permit

Anonymous7 January 2013 14:13

Hi.. we are expecting to get our 175 soon.
I have a concern about my boy. He's 9yr old now.
He is not required to apply exit permit until he's at least 13.5yr old.

So.. if we go over, find the life is the one we really like, can he 'ignore' the need to apply exit permit when he reaches 13.5yr old?
We would naturally apply Citizenship when the time comes. 
As our parents will still be in SG, we will still need to return eventually.

Will he get into trouble with SG customs even if he holds the AU passport by that time?


You must be one of the last few batches of subclass 175, sent in the application before July 2012.

Straight to your question. Yes, your child can 'ignore' if you make that decision for him. The question is: Should he? Bear in mind, you are making a decision that will affect him for the rest of his life. Do it legitimately. Migration is not sneaky business. We are not thieves or fugitives. If you want to know what I think, apply the permit. Make sure you apply it. Migrate. Do not renew his Singapore passport. Apply exit permit again when it expires. When he is 21 years old, renounce his citizenship. Do not quote me. Do not take this as gospel truth. Do your homework.

Good luck.


  1. Hi Anonymous,

    When I first thought of emigrating from Singapore, I used to read various threads on Sammyboy forum. [Just ignore the stuff that you don't want to see/read.]

    E.g. Here's a link that I found from Google. I did not supply this information, so don't quote me. Do not take this as gospel truth, but it may help as somewhere to start fishing out the truth from the fake advice.

    Cheers, WD.

  2. Anonymous,

    Call up Mindef to check on the latest regarding NS liabilities. The rules have tightened over time.

    All the best!

  3. If you do according to the above suggestion, your son may not get into trouble when he returns to SGP with an AUS passport after age 21 but not too sure if he can work in SGP as a FT from AUS.

  4. Hi,

    In australia, u can only apply for citizenship when you have stayed 3 out of 4 years, starting on 1st entry.

    when u migrate, u will have your IC. when your son reaches 13, you will receive a letter in your IC address to apply for exit permit for your son. Failure to do so within the 3 months will cost u a fine.

    in order to apply for NS deferrment until age 21, you need to furnish MINDEF with your son's singapore passport with all the pages, to ensure that he did not benefit from the use of his singapore passport.

    Met a handful of singaporeans who migrated to Melbourne many years ago, and not applying for exit permit and no NS for their sons who are now established dentist and lawyers, but none of their sons dare to step foot into singapore. so think carefully. it is better to go through the right channel.

    If your son does not do NS, it seems like the singapore govt will not give him a work visa even if he returns as an expat, so forget about working in singapore. In my circle of friends, most of them let their sons back for NS, and after completing NS, the camp will ask them to renounce one of the citizenship. as long as they are back for NS, it seems they can return to work as expat.

    FYI, I am in the process of applying exit permit for my son at the same time while hubby is applying for australian citizenship.

    hope that helps.

  5. Hi,
    I have some questions and need some help here. My son will be 13 this October. I have migrate overseas since March 2013 but my son will only migrate maybe before his 13 or after he is 13. I understand that he needs to apply for exit permit when he reaches 13. More than 2 years will require bond money. I don't intend to come back to Singapore and will get my foreign citizenship in 4 years time. What can I do to avoid the bond? And can my son not go NS when I renounce my citizenship? What the steps that I have to take when he is 13 and when he reaches 16.5 years old? What documents do they need when I apply his exit permit when he is 13? Can I apply his exit permit overseas?
    Many Thanks