The End is Nigh

Each time I decided to drop the pen, someone came along and told me I had been doing a good job. Siggy did that for me twice in precise timeliness, right at the points I thought I made up my mind. She was a master of motivation. Last weekend when the thoughts of putting things to an end lingered seriously once again, I was thanked by a father of a daughter for the help he thought I rendered to her daughter though I didn't actually do a thing. Most important he told me I did a good job to help Singaporeans.

Did I? It was something I had been thinking about for a few days. Since I began blogging, I was contacted by more strangers in a year than my entire life. Till now, I have a lot of emails which I haven't replied. Some of these strangers became friends and became strangers again. A couple may be lasting friends for the long haul. No matter. I found myself stopping to think if I kept this blog to benefit myself or others. It shouldn't be good for Singaporeans, unless you consider helping your countrymen getting out of your country a good thing. I don't. In fact, I felt guilty when someone told me she was inspired to leave after reading this and did just that.

We'll come to the end soon enough.

To update about J, the stressed Singaporean Mum. What she achieved for herself was miraculous in my eyes. I had a discussion about her case with a few friends over dinner one weekend. None of us reckoned that she could even complete a single goal out of the three that she set for herself in her week-long 'reccee'. To get her son enrolled, she needs a residential address. To get a residential address, she needs references, preferably a job and definitely identity checks which she hadn't complete. To get even your driver's license, you need other points of check such as Medicare Account, Tax File Number (TFN) and Bank Account. To get these, you would be asked over the counter your residential address. It's a bundle of Catch 22 mess here.

But things work out you know. When everyone thinks you're in for a hard time, sometimes life has other things planned out for you. If you believe in God, like what Singaporean mum, M, kept telling me - God lead her to me and then she trusted God I wasn't some child molester or stayed with us for a week or so. The last time I saw her, she was in very good spirits. Even other guests who barely knew her were inflicted with her contagious joy. 

Though everyone thought her chances was next to nil, Stressed Mum J actually managed to find a rental house, via the owner of the Bed N' Breakfast lodging she was staying at before I even met up with her. With that, she escaped the usual strike-and-wait rental housing hunt routine which she probably run out of time if she engaged in it. Her son's enrollment should be smooth from here. The last time I heard from her, she was trying to apply for her driver's license. It looked like she was all set to go the next time she returns to Perth. Sometimes, small miracles happens when you take the leap, whether or not God introduces you any friends.

I think I've said enough. Though these stories are unique, the points are repeated over and over again. Perhaps it's not required anymore. Things should end in January.


  1. Hi ASingaporeanSon,

    Wait a minute! I read your blog for your refreshing, no holds barred, "call a spade a spade", yet humorous perspective of life. Please continue to blog even if you no longer wish to talk about people emigrating from Singapore to Australia. It will be much appreciated by your loyal readers (including me).

    > Sometimes, small miracles happens when you take the leap, whether or not God introduces you any friends.

    So true from my experience! Especially my Singaporean friend PN who was essentially my guiding beacon for matters pertaining to landing in Canada. I am also grateful for my core group of supportive friends in Canada that I now have.

    Someone once told me that it takes 5 years to truly "settle" into a new country. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am on-track.

    Please keep writing whenever you have some time to spare. I love your humour.

    Cheers, WD.

    1. I will write perhaps. Write in the comments box of your blog :P

    2. Sure! Your comments are welcome :) WD

  2. Good news for me, too. My house owner just offered to extend the lease by another 12 months - without increasing the rent for the next 6 months. Woohoo! At least no need to scramble to look for rental housing for the next year.

    I think I shall start looking for ADSL internet service now.

  3. Keep writing! Every day, I always refresh the page of your blog in my Hp, waiting forward to read about your perspective.

    Your blog has been part of my migration journey since April 2012!
    I will continue to stay tuned.

  4. Thank you Space.

    Soon enough, in turn your blog will be my teatime read.
    Hope to see you one day

  5. Writing helps you organise jumbled messes of thoughts. It has become like a journal to you. Keep writing! I think I might be inspired by you to do the same too...when I settle in, that is. Haha.