Fuck You Summer

So, do we require anymore confirmation that Summer is a fucking troll? No. Yes, when weekend is finally here,  we had to endure his shitty pranks. So we had to  stay at home to play computer games casting ice trident and blizzard storm to  pretend we turned our environment into a frozen heaven.  

Let me  do a weather forecast. One really really hot day in the beginning of the week to bleed all the energy out of us  so that we had to carry that crippling malediction  for the rest of the week. When  weekend is finally here,  troll  Summer  trolls  us  once again. Fuck you Summer.


  1. lol ... then come and join me lor ... i am having winter mah ... wishing to get summer lei ...

  2. my place's not as exciting as yours. mine here is -35degC ... so i like to dream about summer lor ...

  3. Time to head to the river and go crabbing, got 4 last week :)

  4. OMG! Look at the weather forecast for Australia!

    "Australia’s weather is so hot, new colors added to weather map"