Final Chapter

Today is the 16th month since I came to Perth. My baby daughter, Albany will be turning one tomorrow. I'm a very contented and proud father. How time flies. I will never forget the time when I sat on the ledge by the window staring at the great Summer sunset of Perth, cradling the newly born Albany, wondering what the future holds for us. Unlike other new fathers, I didn't had a single friend around showering me with congratulatory words. What I had was just Albany and myself in the surrealism of the hospital ward. Albany slept contentedly in my arms, hardly noticing she was out of Jen's womb barely half an hour ago.

We spent the next few months crammed inside the rental room we previously stayed at. My mother in law came over to help out. Three adults, one baby and all the material possession of our lives. All in one tiny room. It was Summer and we did not have air conditioning. We got by. That was nothing, as compared to what other less fortunate had to go through. We had clean bedding, good food, adequate rest and a lots of joy from the newborn. We are currently renting a villa with over 200 sqm of living space on a 300 sqm of land. There are plenty of space for everyone especially for Albany, who seem to be inspecting every nook and cranny that she can get to. The extra space offers more comfort for sure but the source of happiness has never changed. It has always been centered around baby Albany.

Six days later after Albany's first birthday, it is time for us to spend some time alone. That will be our third wedding anniversary. (I pray I didn't get this wrong) Jen has been severely shortchanged since she married me. We did not have a grand wedding and I returned to work to slog for my ex-boss without a word of thanks the following Monday. No honeymoon. Then she was engrossed in work like any member of the Big 4 audit firms in Singapore would. She got pregnant, frustrated with my frustrations and agreed to make the move to Perth with me during her 2nd trimester where she had to endure the new environment, shifting house twice before Albany was delivered. At the same time last year, Albany refused to be delivered even after the doctor tried all she could to induce that. After more than 14 hours of labour, we had to go through an emergency cesarean section operation after Albany was found in distress, a potential dangerous situation where she was suffering a lack of oxygen in Jen's womb. Since then, Jen has been a wonderful mother and we have a happy, healthy baby. Jen is tired for sure and deserves a break.

A week after our anniversary will be my birthday. I'll be in my mid 30s. That sucks but that's life. It's time to get a little bit more serious in life. Compared to peers of my age, I've achieved nothing in life - by SS101, Singapore's gauge of success in life. I don't own a property, I have to lease them. I drive a 1999 Daihatsu Pyzar that cost me A$2,200. No credit cards, no condo, no country club membership. Just coins and unused condoms. My family is everything I have and that is all that matters to me. The least I can do is to spend more time with them and protect their privacy. I can do both if I stop updating this blog. It could have been a long long journey. Perhaps you would be reading my new adventures of starting a Nasi Lemak stall in Perth and eventually hunting for a small abode in the hills. But you wouldn't since I've decided this is the last chapter of my story here.

I was told by people that my journals inspired them to start writing accounts of their own adventures. J, the New Zealand adventurer, did that. Singaporean Mum M does that, in her facebook account. Stressed Mum J might (if I didn't get it wrong) and Yanchun did resume her blogging (though I wouldn't claim the credit). It's time for new adventurers to tell their own stories. When I was a small kid, I enjoyed writing stories. I found the love after so many years, after the rigors of life corrupted it. It was great to be able to express my thoughts again. 596 posts over a year and half or so - I cannot complain I have pent up frustrations inside anymore. If there is anything I enjoyed more than writing, it will be reading. With Albany able to walk soon, we'll be making many regular trips to Gosnells Library 5 minutes away. Over there, Albany will spend moments reading books with her dad. At the back of the library, we can enjoy the lush greenery of the sub ground level park. It will be a great way to see the rest of Summer off.

I'll return to writing not long later. I bet I will not be able to stop for long. If you are remain in the internet, we may meet again someday. It will not be here for sure. I hope you will enjoy or hate my future project as much as you did here - that is, if you can find it in the www.. All bad things come to an end, fortunately for bad blogs as well. I hope you enjoy this little journey with me over a year. I'm honored to be given the role of your tour guide.

Wish you good health and good wealth. So long, farewell.



  1. All the best to u and family! And Happy Birthday Albany!

  2. It has been a wonderful journey that you have taken us on and I am sure that it will continue to be so even though your readers will not be there. I think it important that you have a private world too and not feel that you are distracted by the demands of your blog, which must sometimes be like a second job, albeit one you have done so entertainingly well. We are indebted to you for sharing so much and for gracing us with so much of your life. Wishing love and happiness to you, your lovely Jen and the beautifully adorable Albany. :)

    1. I enjoyed your blog a lot and always anticipating for new stories each week. It provided an insight of the struggles (mostly mentally and financially) as you uproot to a new country with no friends and relatives. Wish you, your daughter Albany and your family all the best! Take the jump and never look back as life is never about the destination but the exciting journey which we choose to embark on.

  3. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. My family and I will be moving next month to down under and maybe we will get to meet you... have a great life!

  4. All the best to you. Your determination to make things work out for your family is inspiring and I'm trying to make my way there for similar reasons.

    If I do get there, let me buy you a beer/coke just to thank you for making things real.

    Good luck, stay safe, stay sane and enjoy smelling the roses (and Albany's diapers...) :)

  5. All the best to you and family. We hope to see you again soon!


  6. Happy birthday to Albany and you! Happy anniversary to you and Jen!

    All the best to your new (future) projects. Enjoy your privacy.

    Cheers, WD.

  7. I must said that I really enjoyed your writing. I even created an icon on my desktop just to access your page conveniently. I visited Perth in September 2011 for a week with my wife and 6-year old daughter (I think also around the same time you arrived in Perth). I always love less crowded places and I would said the holiday in Perth was the most relax and happiest moment with my family so far.
    I will still continue to pop in once a while to catch any of your updates. Just want to wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart!!!

  8. Just chanced upon this great blog of yours today. Hope to be able to eat nasi lemak at your stall soon :p northbridge or Vic park huh?

  9. Bro, wish Albany a great birthday from my family and me. We'll visit you soon and give her a hug!
    Sorry to hear that we've reached your final chapter. Well, all good thing gotta come to an end sooner or later... it was a great ride whilst it lasted.

  10. Nix, just like you had great guts to move to Perth, you now show lots of guts to STOP. I salute you. These are exciting times for you and family. Go forth and enjoy them.

  11. A life's journey is not easy and straight forward. It is not always forwards and upwards, sometimes backwards and downwards and sometimes lost in the way. There are turns, forks in the road, cul-de-sacs, unmapped destinations, unknowns. In life, we go forward to our aspired destination and if lost we have to stop, reverse or make a u-turn in order to find the way and continue the journey.

  12. Thank you for sharing your adventure in your adopted country. There will be ups and downs where ever you may be. Don't look back now. I've been here the last 24 years and I've never regretted one bit. All the best to you and your family. But, do update once in a while especially when the no. 2 or no. 3 come along. Remember there is no stress bringing up kids here! No coe, erp, expensive 99 year leasehold crap, crowded buses, trains & shopping centers to contend with here.

  13. All the best again, -asingaporeanson-, as ever.

  14. Sad to see you go. Will miss your blog - sometimes I read it when I'm homesick. All the best.

  15. It was extremely generous of you to give so much of your time to share your journey with us especially with a young family and all the challenges you encounter living in a new country. May I extend our grateful thanks to you and also all members in the Kongsi join me in saying "Thank you".

  16. I've always enjoyed reading your posts. As a migrant in transit, I found your blog enlightening and inspiring. Thank you for all that you've shared to date. I wish you, Jen, and Albany all the happiness under the bright blue Perth sky.

  17. Hi Nix,

    Like most of your readers, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your experience. You have a gift for writing, and I will definitely miss not seeing the almost daily updates on my google reader. I hope you don't completely stop updating your blog. If you have an itch to share something you see or experience, please write about it. I look forward to it.

    Thank you!

  18. Dear Singapore Son,

    I will miss your posts. Nevertheless, life moves on for the better.

    It has been great reading your blog when the process of migration to land of space is so vast. Your blog somehow gives me a focal point, as if it is something precious to hold on to. I will still go back to read your old posts in the midst of relocating.

    5 months down the road, i will be enjoying winter in Melbourne. I will stay as strong & as hopeful as you.

    All the best. Happy 1st year to your girl!
    Cheers to beautiful resilience in lives!

  19. Good luck and all the best to you and your family.
    A happy birthday wish to Albany.

    Hope you will still drop by HWZ forum.

  20. Happy Birthday to Albany and all the best to you and your family bro! Guess I will be missing my daily reads from down under from now onwards yah. But still I must thank you bro for sharing with us your stories over the last 1 year.

    Although I have known u for over 20 years. But it seems like I have just gotten to know u since I started reading your blog a year ago. Thanks for all the inspirational posts and I hope we will cross path again soon. Take care bro!

  21. Happy Birthday Albany! Happy Anniversary to you and Jen. I had been following your blog regularly and will definitely be sad that you are going to stop writing. Never the less, all the best and enjoy your time with your family. Nothing is more important than having the peace within yourself and with you family at your side. It is more fulfilling living life this way.

  22. I sincerely and truly wish you all the best. Until we meet again online or in real life.

  23. You are a brave man and the wife too, kudos. Respect.

    All the best to you and love ones bro.


  24. The Journey Out... is always hard and adventurous!

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  26. amazing write up. cheers. but pls do continue to write.

  27. Hi Singaporeans
    As a long time follower of this blog, I was wonder ing if any of you have advice for an Australian moving to Singapore. I first started reading this blog when it began in 2011 to get a perspective on Singapore, as I knew that one day my husband would be transferred to the Singaporean office. That day has come and while I have been to Singapore as a tourist, living there will be a whole different scenario. I will be leaving behind all my family, including my sons who are at university, and am worried about fitting in and making friends, I don't think I am cut out for the "expat lifestyle". How will I get to know local singaporeans or will they prefer not to know me? Any tips would be appreciated