Hottest Week in 80 years

Weather for this week

If you want to experience hot rainy days and cool sunny days, 42 and 29 degree Celsius respectively, Perth will provide you that this week. It was so hot last week that weather expert declared that "The hottest week in the last 80 years", backed with statistics and figures of course. No doubt, Australia is so hot right now. So hot that it can be even felt by my friend Winking Doll all the way to Canada and enlightened me on an alarming fact: 

OMG! Look at the weather forecast for Australia!

"Australia’s weather is so hot, new colors added to weather map"

That's depressing to hear. Almost as bad as being told to do the best all my growing up life only to be told that we have to be "Bester" and "Besterest" by the Labour Union Chief Mr Lim Swee Say that all Singaporeans love. Life pushes us to the new extremes, happens all the time. 

Surprisingly, not everyone in Perth felt the heat. Some even gave a nonchalant, "Where got?" when this topic came to the table. Not all men and women are equal here. Some are shrouded in mystic cool dew everyday, be it at work or home, while the others lay bricks or roof tiles in the punishing heat. I pray for folks making their living in the mine sites, enduring working in an environment with temperature as high as 50 degree Celsius. The next time someone said that folks in the mining industry are paid too much, they should perhaps try their hand at it. Even in the "cool" Perth Metropolitan, 20 had fallen victim to Summer's wrath. [link]

Read Winking Doll's reasons [link]on why she choose Canada as her migration choice and why Australia isn't (It's a piece of desert) I thought that is a very good method to help make an important decision, by aligning your values and goals to somewhere that give you the best fit. Remember, not everywhere is a perfect place. A greener pasture may not necessarily suit you if you don't realise you aren't purely vegan.


  1. Thanks, asingaporeanson, for the kind mentions! :-)

    > Remember, not everywhere is a perfect place. A greener pasture may not necessarily suit you if you don't realise you aren't purely vegan.

    Yes, it so true. E.g. People who believe 100% in meritocracy and "the poor deserves their lot" will not fit in here, especially not the liberal British Columbia province of Canada. That's why I like to take my visitors to Commercial Drive. It is not as down-and-dirty as DTES (Downtown East-side), but it has enough "colour" to put-off some potential Singaporean immigrants.

    Nevertheless, wherever one chooses to reside, it is important to bear in mind to be flexible and adaptable. No matter how good your chosen new homeland is, there will be areas where one has to give-and-take, just like in a marriage.

    1. Singaporeans may turn their nose at countries with colourful streets. Many are unaware that the very same land will stop winking at them one day, soon enough. Not that they care for it, they say. Until too late, that is.

  2. Some may deny it, but global warming is real. I guess those who doesn't feel it may be cooped in an air-cond room or if they are really lucky, surrounded by greenery. Still, I did not expect 'hot rainy days and cool sunny days'. Rainy days should be cooler, right?

    1. Dear Israq,

      You are absolutely right. I used to have -50degC here but now maximum I faced is only -35degC. It is a big difference. For now (Jan supposed to be middle of thick winter snow), I don't even see white top trees anymore. Spring is so green nowadays.