Is There Any Other Way to be an Aussie PR?

Hi can I know apart from marrying a citizen/PR of Aussie and being a skilled person with your occupation listed in the SOL, is there any other way for an average joe from sg to get a Aussie PR?

Responding to a comment in the blog. This is a short and simple question and I shall present nothing but the hard truths.

1) Come by boat when Labour is in power

Liberal turns people away so you may have better luck when the government changes after the next election. Still, there is a lot of element of luck involved. First you have to find a reliable human smuggler who does not run off with your money. Next, you have to be lucky enough to find one who charges you US$5000 among the others who charge US$10,000 and up. Then, you have to be lucky enough to reach the Australian shores alive without dying from hunger, drown or murder. The biggest slice of luck will be most required to come into contact with the Australian Navy, as you can float around the place for ages without bumping into anyone in the vast ocean. Lastly, you have to pray for the Australians to take the boat you are in as refugees instead of turning you away or divert you to less popular migration destination such as Papua New Guinea. 

My ratings as below: (the less stars the more favourable)

Luck required: *****
Risk factor: *****
Cost factor: ****

2) Jump the plane

This is another classic method that has been long around since the "White Australia" days. 10 years ago, I met a 19 year old Malaysian girl who me she was planning to do that. I never heard from her since. Otherwise I may be able to provide some really interesting information.

The idea is to work illegally until you find an employer so impressed with your working attitude and skill set that he employs you legally under the 457 Work Visa. Or forever hidden in the shadows. Well at least you are still a permanent resident, until you get caught that is. It's the route much preferred by people from Firster Worlds because it is simply more stylo-milo to come by plane than boat.

Luck required: ****
Risk factor: ***
Cost factor: *

3) Study

One major export of Australia is education. If you are a willing buyer, you stand a chance to land yourself the PR visa. Other than a full degree program which can cost up to 6 figures (depending on course), there are other trade courses that cost a fraction to their Bachelor counterparts. A student visa entitles you to work legally up to 20 hours per week. After graduation, you can buy yourself time to find an employer by applying for a bridging visa. Do your research and find the trades in demand to increase your chances of landing a job.

Luck required: ***
Risk factor: *
Cost factor: **** (non degree programs)

4) Asylum seeking

Don't put up a badly photoshopped picture of Lee Kuan Yew and Margaret Thatcher. Don't make a video fucking the transcended new god either. Don't threaten to expose the government's corruption on cyberspace. Those have been done before and will not receive adequate media exposure to make you a superstar overnight. You have to use a bit of creativity here to do this. I am a bad advisor when it comes to creativity so you have to engage a different consultant. If dabbling online is not your cup of tea, I believe the good ol tried-and-tested way will do the same trick. Stand for the next GE as an opposition and ask Lee, "Where is the money?" The idea is, get sued your pants off or getting ISD to lock you in server room without servers then seek for sympathy from your country of choice. Crowd fund.

Luck required: ****
Risk factor: ****
Cost factor: *

5) Working Holidaying without a working holiday visa

I heard this from my good friend Gintai [link] who now do Taxi driving as his day job. According to a passenger he picked up, he personally knew someone who came to Australia to drive a taxi, returning to Singapore periodically - until he gets caught and was banned from entering Australia for a number of years. Well, it was fun while it lasted I guess.

Luck required: **
Risk factor: ***
Cost factor: *

6) Business Visa/Investor Visa

Too expensive for "Average Joes" to handle. Do a research if interested.


Look, most of these methods were either undesirable or illegal to take up. I am merely listing them, not advocating anyone to try these (with exception of studying). These channels exist for a long, long time and it is no use trying to hide them.

None of these are practical enough for most Singaporeans to consider. There is a reason why Singaporeans ended up coming here by Skilled Migration or marrying someone. We Singaporeans choose the paths of least resistance, that is the way we are. In a nutshell, it is actually be easier to get yourself qualified (skill up) or charming yourself a spouse. The easier way out, is actually more hazardous than we think.


  1. If I'm down and out, desperate with nothing to lose, I'll do option 4. It's not difficult and doesn't cost a lot. Technically if Amos wants to he can have his choice of countries to seek political asylum, and he'll be successful 100%. Sure win double confirm guarantee chop.

    1. Hahaha =)) The situation is similar for Canada, so many people come by various ways... depending on how desperate they want to exit their country of origin.