Rather Cold Weather

I stole this screenshot from a fellow Singaporean living in Perth.

Hmm, if this is going to happen, it looks like I will have my balls frozen when I walk out to Lucky Brian at 5am the next morning. I can tell you something. With cold air stroking your face, Monday Blues will be the last thing on your mind. Since the heater doesn't work as fantastic as the air conditioner in my car, it will be an interesting drive to work.

While cold weather may seem "shiok" to many young Singaporeans, it may be noteworthy to know that old folks do not seem to enjoy it the same way, for some reasons unknown to me, since I am not that old yet. I have seen that for my own parents during their stay here in Winter as well as Stephen's mother, who is currently in Perth for a holiday and is down with cold. Other complains I have heard from other folks include painful joints, shivering etc.

Children, on the other hand, do not seem to be affected by cold the way adults do. Some of the children in Albany's childcare centre have been wearing rather little for Winter but show no signs of being bothered by the cold. Fortunately, this should be as cold as Perth can be. In fact, I cannot remember having experienced a sub zero day in my past 3 years at all.

The good thing about Winter is the afternoons. If only we do not need to work, a sunny Winter day would be a perfect one to spend on the beach, or fishing. Not one of those rainy days though, unless you missed the ice bucket challenge era and want to have a feel of it.

At this time of the year, many Singaporeans will die for such temperatures to spend their days. No doubt, this will be the envy of dwellers at the sunny isle. But there will be a time where we will be oven baked on daily basis while you will enjoy nice breeze, at the end of the year. It's just an opposite cycle. I would like to make a trip to Singapore that part of the year for the first time, if possible. January perhaps?

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  1. "Monday (22 Jun) is the Winter Solstice, meaning it is the shortest day of the entire year.

    Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide will all see less than ten hours of sunlight today and tomorrow, whilst Brisbane, and Perth will see under ten and a half. People in Hobart will see a measly nine hours of sun today and tomorrow. Meanwhile, residents in Darwin will bask in a luxurious eleven and a half hours of sunlight.

    As we have moved into winter, you may have noticed that the peak of the sun has sunk deeper and deeper into the horizon. This is the sun moving north relative to us.

    From Tuesday (23 Jun), the days will gradually lengthen. However, the sun will only hang around a minute or so longer each day until we finally reach the longest day, the Summer Solstice in December (22 Dec?)."

    - www.weatherzone.com.au/news/winter-solstice-is-here/315820