What Makes Me Determined to Stay in Perth Regardless of Obstacles?

Hi Nix,

Thanks! I just got my results, probably get 60 points exact unless I retake ietls test again hoping for a higher score. I will apply for migration first and see how it goes 😊

I'm a financial analyst so I guess job wise I should consider Melbourne or Sydney. I plan to head to Perth to check it out as well. My primary priority is a conducive environment for both study and play. Actually I don't mind doing a different job too. After all it's a new lease of life, I'm up to try something new! 

As I read your blog, I noted that things were sounded pretty tough in the beginning and I admire your perseverance to stay on despite the challenges then. Don't mind me asking, what makes you so determined to stay regardless the obstacles? 


Mum C,

Congrats. 60 points sounds good to me. All the best for your EOI. Perth is full, though. We have a quota here to keep the place boring. So please head to Melbourne or Sydney like everyone else lah! We will be cheering for you from WA.

My answer/s to your question is really simple. Don't make it sound like superhuman will. Most of us have done something similar before.

  • pushing ourselves through school, graduating before we drop out
  • going through conscription
  • staying in the same company for years
  • being good parents
  • being responsible pet owners
  • being a obsessive hobbyist
  • being a addicted smoker
  • perpetually believing in what the government says
  • etc, etc.

Staying in Perth, challenges or not, is not much of a difference to committing ourselves to a cause. It isn't much harder than forcing ourselves to wake up to our jobs on a Monday Singapore morning, putting ourselves through a jam-packed MRT train or even sedating our minds with blind optimism to cope with annoyances of life. If my challenges sound tough to you, it is because such experiences are foreign to you. Put anyone else through it, to a state it becomes a routine, he or she will find it no harder than yours.

The same goes for dealing with obstacles that comes our way. In order to carry on our respective lifestyle we choose to commit ourselves to, we will get past, evade or even destroy obstacles that threatens the feasibility of our decisions. There is no difference when it comes to dealing with challenges, only different perspectives. Like how I could not figure out why Singaporeans would choose to live overseas when I was much younger, I now struggle to understand why Singaporeans wouldn't. Our point of views are likely to change once we look at the same thing from a different angle.

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  1. Melbourne also full already, go SA or NT!