Prices in Perth June 2015 (Cash & Carry Edition)

I don't forget my promises but sometimes I take eternity to fulfill them. TL, a Singaporean chap who is bent on migrating to Australia that he is getting himself qualified as a chef to strengthen his chances. He is currently doing a culinary course in Singapore and plans to further his training in Australia next year. He says he will do whatever it takes to pursue a culinary career in Australia and live here permanently. Any who is interested to emulate Thomas' migration strategy can link up with him. At the moment, nothing is set in stone yet but my personal prediction is that if he keeps his determination, he'll overcome all obstacles and achieve his goals.

Like every budding chef, it is a dream to set up his own eatery. So he asked me for prices of goods here out of curiosity and I promised him to do it. Though (obviously) I can't take down prices of everything, I tried my best to get prices of some meats (not much seafood though), spices and sauce. I even snap a picture of toilet papers in the most unlikely case if his customers need plenty of toilet paper after eating his meals.

For the rest of you, you will probably want to skip this post. Nothing of much value to most. The prices were taken at this place known as "Cash & Carry" in Bannister Road, Canningvale. It was a huge warehouse selling all kinds of things from disposable table cloth to ice. Think of it as Big Box @ Jurong East but bigger and rougher.

Here comes the pic spams (enlarge to see prices, Thomas!)

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