Ice on the Wind Shield 2015

If you know any early risers in Perth, you would have known we have achieved 0 degree Celsius in some point of the morning that caused a thin layer of ice forming on our car.

Not surprisingly, the first thing my colleague told me was the ice on his shield, given the fact he had a rather mild first Winter in Perth last year. I remember him smiling in glee and told me that it was "No kick." He said the same for the heat in Summer too, as we experienced the best Summer out of my entire stay here so far last year. I hope my colleague's balls freeze, shrink and wrinkle like raisins every morning this coming July. As for the coming Summer in half a year's time, hopefully he will experience that 40+C heat while I am away to Singapore. Heheh. Welcome to Perth. There is much to find out and explore.

The fun part about living abroad is that there are little things to discover and experience along the way. Weather is only one small aspect of it. Sometimes life can be so monotonous after decades of living under the same conditions such that the near future can actually be predicted. For some, this is stability and bliss. The same conditions can be distressful for the others. It will probably sound odd to hear someone moving to boring Perth to kill his boredom in his mundane Singapore life. In truth, the mandatory discoveries I have to face makes life feel anything but boring. Or perhaps, only boring people will find boring Perth exciting, if that suits you.

It also really depends what kind of jobs you do here. An office worker will never understand how far the limits of weather can go, for example, since they wake up much later and spend mere minutes in the open and the rest of the day under air conditioned environment. By the end of the day, temperatures would have moderated. Summer evenings will be colder. Winter evenings will be warmer. I am glad I don't work in the office. Perhaps this was the problem right from the start. I simply don't like to work in the office, yet the Singapore weather pissed me off to no end. Individuals do not like to admit that the problem lies in themselves. Angry Singaporeans will spout the standard, "If you don't like it here, fuck off," whenever they run out of points to debate a topic. However, that statement, while it doesn't sound good, is good advice. There isn't much one can do to change an environment to suit himself. Change is already hard to achieve by itself, not to mention you will be fighting against human beings who hates what you love. If you, for some reasons like to eat dog meat for example, is it easier for you to push for dog eating to be made legal in Singapore or move to Vietnam to get your meat fix?

You can call us quitters for all you like but in reality, we are simply fighting for what we really value. The truth is the hardest to stomach. If you think "quitting" is easy, come and give it a try and see how long you last.

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