Possible Lucky Breaks for the "Regular" Singaporeans

By normal standards, it is reasonable to claim it is quite a feat for a Singaporean "Army regular" to get an Australian Permanent Residency through his work experience. After all, all you know by now about the conventional immigration paths [link] available. When someone asked me about "alternatives" sometime back, I responded with a rather shitty post that includes options such as coming by boat. You should have guessed it, I probably know more than I claimed. If I didn't, I do now because I am still constantly learning about such stuff. So should you, if you plan to move overseas elsewhere one day, even though Australia may not be necessarily your preferred destination.

So what about the army regular getting a PR here? Isn't his chances close to zero based on the SOL? Well yes if you are solely looking at the SOL. Not if an employer are hiring though, because in such a situation, the SOL will be thrown out of the window. 

As it seems, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been recruiting foreign mercenaries soldiers to join their ranks. [link]. To date, an unknown number of ex-Singaporeans have joined the ADF on a special fast-tracked citizenship package, on top of a job waiting for them before they set foot onto Australian soil. Think of it as a Sublass 457 work visa leading to citizenship on steroids. The ADF calls such initiatives, "Good value." I bet our regulars in the SAF, RSN and RSAF wouldn't disagree. It would be a win-win situation for those who are considering a move out. Rather than leaving the force to join insurance companies in Singapore, why not continuing the passion overseas?

For the benefit of lazy fucks in the force, you can click on this [link] for more information. Don't say I only criticize chao regulars and never give out lobang. As disclaimer, I have not examine what kind of positions they are looking out for. So don't come barking at me when you cannot find a Storeman or M113 driver position to apply for. My guess is: You have to be rather good in something useful. My bet is Combat Medic would be one of them. To see the rest of the list, perhaps this [link]? Why don't you explore and let me know. After all, Singaporeans have been documented to join the ADF through this channel. It works.


  1. I am not sure this is good advice from you bro. Granted this may be one of the available avenues... but it may not be the best OCA (Own Course of Action) as we say in military planning.

    Why? you ask...

    Well.. first of all, ADF is not a masak-masak toy soldier army like SAF. ADF blokes are regularly deployed to real wars around the world. Many get killed and come home in body bags. They are real soldiers who have been there, done that and bought the t-shirts. Unlike ALL the paper generals in the SAF who are MRT and Kee-Chiew champions.

    And... looking at the ADF payscales, they are not all that attractive, compared to civilian salaries. I think many tradies, FIFO and many other vocations get better pay than what's listed here: http://www.defencejobs.gov.au/army/army-life/what-you-will-be-paid/

    So unless ADF has a high paying secret salary scale that's not listed here.. you may want to consider other vocations for a safer and higher paid life.

    The ADF does a fantastic job, I'll be the first to say, but for those aspiring PRs who want to come on this ticket, just consider carefully.

    The actual grass IS greener here in Oz... :)

    1. Hmm, first things first... The rates advertised on the front page are somewhat different than the higher rates listed in this table: http://content.defencejobs.gov.au/pdf/triservice/DFT_Document_PayRates.pdf

      Secondly, if you have the required training and experience, I'm not sure if they'll stick you in a starting rank, as opposed to, for example, emplacing you as a SGT. But I don't know how they work so this is an assumption.

      Third, based on my brief reading-up, if you drop everything and start anew as a tradie under apprenticeship, you may be earning the same, or less.

      Lastly, just based on amount alone, I think they get paid quite well compared to SAF personnel of equivalent rank.

      Anyway, it's just a quick scan-through. Do let me know if I have missed out on any fine print, haha.

    2. Also, related:

      They also have an up to a $A200k relocation bonus. Though it would be quite awkward during joint exercises, as listed in the post...